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June 2014 - Volume 11, Issue 4

Bad Backs is constantly looking for new research and tools for improving back pain management, and this month we’ve come across some very interesting research, technologies, and schools of thought. Read More »

Meet People Just Like Victoria Ingrams

Victoria IngramsFind out their bad back story and what has helped them.
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Introducing the Muvman: The seat you have when you're standing
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witouch pro tens machine device WiTouch Pro Tens Device for Pain Management
Brand new to Australia and just featured on Today Tonight, the WiTouch Pro Tens machine is the first wireless remote controlled device that provides pain relief incorporating TENS technology to specifically target back pain.

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Document Icon Sports-loving doctor: listen to your body
11 June 2014
The biggest mistake that an athlete can make is not taking the time to rest after playing hard. Read more »

Document Icon Helpful herbs to beat back pain
11 June 2014
 Will Shannon, one of the Australia’s leading Natural Medical practitioners, shares his knowledge on how to best manage and ease back pain through alternative medicine. Read more »


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