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Get up and move throughout your day with SitRight

22 May 2013

Source: Katherine MacPherson

More than 2 million Australians experience back problems every year, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. 

And a broad range of allied health professionals will point their finger at sitting as one of the biggest causes of back pain.

man back

Sitting too long can:

  • Increase the stress on the discs between your vertebrae;
  • Cause the natural curve in your back to deteriorate;
  • Reduce the function and stability of your spine;
  • Lead to inflammation, pain and possible early degeneration of your spine.

There are small changes you can make to your daily sitting (and moving) routine, which will improve your spinal fitness – at home, at work and in transit.

Some general tips for work are:

  • Try standing when you’re on the phone for extended periods;
  • During meetings take regular stretch breaks;
  • While you’re working at your computer take short breaks to stretch and stand;
  • Check and adjust your position regularly.

For more information and tips, download the Sit Right widget, and keep your spinal health at the top of your daily to do list.
Source: Editor Katherine MacPherson – Soda Marketing.

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