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TOGU Aero-Step XL Functional Trainer
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TOGU Aero-Step XL Functional Trainer
TOGU Aero-Step XL Functional Trainer
TOGU Aero-Step XL Functional Trainer TOGU Aero-Step XL Functional Trainer TOGU Aero-Step XL Functional Trainer TOGU Aero-Step XL Functional Trainer TOGU Aero-Step XL Functional Trainer
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The Aero-Step is a truly unique fitness training tool that can be used by beginners right through to advanced.

This unique fitness trainer has a two chamber air design, with stabilizing plate that demands fast reactions and lots of energy in short and swift movements. Direct feedback ensures you remain alert and engaged. Reactions and reflexes are tested, then through continued use are developed and strengthened.

TOGU products are the preferred choice of Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practitioner and founder the of the revolutionary education C.H.E.K Insitute. Paul Check says:

"While there are now many companies making large gymnastic balls, I have found no other company other than TOGU that manufactures products with:

  • The highest quality materials
  • Excellent durability
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Superior safety performance
  • Environmental & ecological standards

I have tested and used TOGU products in almost every conceivable environment with patients who are neurologically impaired to the world class athlete who is striving toward peak performance. When it comes to overall quality, reliability and performance, I put my namesake in TOGU's competent hands"

The surface of the Aero Step XL is covered with more than 1,000 individual studs - which offers excellent possibilities for massage and the promotion of blood circulation while you exercise.

CHILD FRIENDLY - The TOGU Aero-Step XL Fitness Trainer can also be fun for the kids, who instead of moving on a rigid floor, are able to move about and jump on the air padded chambers. Kids reactions and reflexes are tested and trained through playing, with children using the trainer helping gain more confidence and enjoyment in their own body movements.


  • FUN - on the wobbly air cushion AERO-Step® XL.
  • FIT - through targeted coordination training, faster reaction and reflexes, increased performance, gentle training of the joints.
  • SLIM - through higher energy consumption.
  • FIRM - through training the deep musculature
  • VERSATILE - reactions and reflexes are tested and trained through play.
  • SECURE - neural impulses, mostly controlled by reflexes result in incredible security of motion.

It even comes with a FREE Exercise Poster and Pump!


  • 51cm x 37cm x 8cm

Thirty (30) year limited

Shopping with Confidence!

We appreciate that you want to shop with confidence online.  And so Bad Backs wishes to confirm the importance we place on your privacy, security, our returns policy and customer service support.

What Paul Check says about the Aero-Step

"As a therapist and performance conditioning coach, there are many times when I need to control the environment in a way that I can trigger a specific response and/or monitor a specific function in my client's body. For such specialized functions, the Aero-Step XL is perfect. 

The Aero-Step XL is also fantastic for beginners; they can safely and effectively develop the balance skills that make them comfortable on the bigger TOGU balls. You will love this product!"

What is the AGR ?

TOGU products are made in Germany to strictest quality standards with guaratees as to burst resistance for both safety and liability reasons.

TOGU products are now approved by the independent expert's committee of the AGR (campaign for healthier backs) www.agr-ev.de and the federal federation of the German back schools of (BdR)