Werk DocDesk Document Holder

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A great new addition to the Bad Backs ergonomic accessory range. Document holders are a tried and tested way of positioning your papers and documents between the keyboard and computer screen, giving you improved posture and reducing the number of movements you make when using computers. 


Product Description

Using a document holder with documents positioned at the same distance to your monitor can help prevent eye fatigue and neck strain, which is a really common ergonomic problem we see every day.

Made of transparent acrylic it has five (5) angle adjustments so you can have your documents flatter or more upright.


  • Width approx 56cm
  • Height at front edge fixed at approx 6cm
  • 5-height adjustable positions:
  • Height at back edge varies from 15cm to 24cm
  • Depth changes based on height setting from 28cm to 22cm
  • Acrylic transparent material
  • Acrylic lip design to hold documents in place approx 49cm wide
  • One (1) year limited warranty


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