aeris® muvmat Standing Mat

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Standing on a hard floor is strenuous work. Conventional, flat foam mats bring little relief. With the aeris active mat you stand naturally, remain active and relaxed and are always on the move – like on a forest floor.


Product Description

Standing better actively and naturally

Enhanced standing with the intelligent active standing aeris mat that simulates walking on an undulating mossy forest floor. Made in Germany by aeris, the inventors of the Swopper active chair.

The soft, resilient and proactive standing mat brings stress relief for the whole body, protects joints and helps prevent tired legs. The anti fatique mat feels good with shoes on and is also perfect for barefoot enthusiasts. Besides excelling in office workplaces the aeris active mat can also be used in production, in the lab, for therapy or at home. Ideal for all standing workplaces.

Two zones: To your advantage.

  • The comfort zone is made of a cushioning and fatigue-reducing foam material that has a large standing surface.
  • The active zone features a 3D structure – rather like that of mountains and valleys. This ensures random activation of reflex zones and stimulates the sensory system. It also encourages movement and keeps you mentally and physically fit.


  • Stand actively and naturally: Standing on a hard floor means strenuous work for your body. That's why we developed the aeris active mat. A mat that allows you to stand naturally while keeping you active and relaxed. 
  • Areas of use: The aeris active mat was primarily designed for office use, but it is extremely versatile and suitable for applications in production, in the lab or at home – wherever you need to stand for prolonged periods. 
  • Technology: The aeris active mat has two zones: 
  • Comfort zone: relief through elastic and highly resilient foam material  Active zone: 3D structure to keep you active 


  • Relief for feet, legs and back
  • Reduces tiredness and keeps you fit
  • Strengthens and trains your muscles
  • Stimulates the sensory system
  • Stimulates blood circulation 


  • Colour:   grey
  • Size: 91.5cm x 48cm x 3.5cm |  36" x 18.9" x 1.4" 
  • Weight:   2.7kg | 6lbs
  • Mat material:   EPP and flexible PU integral foam

Warranty Information

3 years

We offer a guarantee of three years from the date of purchase for all aeris products purchased directly from
an authorised aeris dealer. The guarantee does not cover purchases made through internet auctions.

You need the invoice of the authorised dealer for all guarantee claims.

aeris provides no guarantee nor is liable for damages caused by non-intended use.

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Review by:
bought one of these from their sydney store a week or so ago....its got lumps and bumps built into the base, so as you move round it gives your legs and feet some real movement. i stand to work 90% of the time and this is really good to use (Posted on 29/11/2018)
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