INSITU Active Standing Board

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The new INSITU Active Standing board keeps you moving when you stand...perfect for sit stand desks, it stimulates the body, blood circulation, heart, brain, balance and even the digestive system! Safe and sturdy for everybody.


Product Description

It's common knowledge that sitting for too long can lead to a multitude of health problems, and research today is starting to show evidence linking sitting for long periods with illnesses like heart disease and diabetes, apart for the normal back problems most people experience.

So sit stand working and workstations are very much the trend for office environments.

This new INSITU Standing Board is a brilliantly simple product for keeping you moving while you are standing, which adds more and more benefits to your standing work position.

  • Relieves pressure on the feet from long terms standing
  • Helps strengthen your back & develop muscles
  • Improves balance
  • Promotes better blood circulation when we use our legs
  • Helps relieve shoulder and neck tension
  • Movement may help with weight loss

It is safe and sturdy and can be used by anybody.

  1. Helps relieve tension in the neck and shoulders - By working in an upright relaxed position it helps ease tension and stress in the neck and shoulders by encouraging movement and flexing during the work day
  2. Helps strengthen the back, thigh and core muscles
  3. < strong>Helps blood cirulation - Constant moving of the lower legs encourages blood movement through the body
  4. Relieves pressure on your feet - Standing on a flat non-moving surface for hours is hard on the feet ! The Active Stand helps relieve pressure on the feet, allowing you to stand for longer and in a more comfortable position.

(Our sales director stands 90% of the day and says its a simple, cost effective way to get some movement into your day)


  • American Oak top layer with clear protective non slip film
  • Multiple layers of FSC Certified hoop pine, heat sealed and formed to shape
  • Colour: Wood surface, black base
  • 3mm Industrial rubber, ribbed non slip black base surface
  • Anti-mould linseed oil coating on exposed edges.
  • Warranty: 2 year limited
  • Factory tested weight tolerance 280kg


  • 47cm wide (at widest point
  • 32cm deep (at deepest point)
  • 5cm high at edges (at highest point)
  • 1.5cm high in mddle (at lowest point




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