ErgoRest OPC Misc DXT Tiny Tower Bad Backs Ergonomic Footrest and Footstool

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  1. High Rise Ergonomic Footrest

    The High Rise Footrest is designed for people who sit at high benches, laboratory tables or any elevated desk or work space. This could be a customer service high counter for example. Designed and made in Australia, is made of powder coated steel with a special non slip covering on the height adjustable foot plate. You can position the footrest flat or at an angle, and it is held in place by two bolts on either side of the footrest.

  2. Ergostretch Ergonomic Footrest

    A new Swedish height adjustable footrest that also encourages movement and stretching! The Ergostretch Footrest has a one of a kind patent pending design that helps make it stand out as a real innovation in the market today. The footrest is constructed of high-grade powder coated steel tubes, combined with extremely durable ABS material, which means its made to last and so much better than those cheap plastic footrests you can get.

  3. Score High Rise Footrest

    The ultimate footrest !

    Alleviate thigh pressure, improve circulation and reduce stress by introducing the Score 959 ergonimic Footrest to your workspace. New to the Bad Backs range this high quality footrest meets all of the criteria that a good footrest should provide, quality build, large height range, good foot angle adjustment, this footrest ticks all of the boxes.

  4. Ergo Leg Rest Support
    New to Bad Backs and a product we are often asked about, the Ergo Leg Rest is easily adjusted from a sitting position to achieve the correct elevation for the individual. It features a rocking cradle allows and facilitates the support to be maneuvered into the perfect position while seated.
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