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AERIS Swopper - Limited Edition

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This is a limited edition stunning model featuring a Gabriel Luna mottled felt like fabric with a white base. In stores soon or order online now !

Invented in 1999 in Germany, the AERIS Swopper is the first ergonomic office seat ever designed that moves and exercises your spine and muscles while you sit - in all three dimensions; forward, backward, sideways, as well as vertically. 

New to Bad Backs in 2023, this is a limited edition stunning model featuring a Gabriel Luna mottled white fabric and white base.

Developed and produced by aeris GmbH in Germany by husband and wife team Joseph (an engineer) and Dorle (a world famous physio) Gloeckl, the Swopper was designed to help people relieve their back and spinal problems, and overcome the challenges our bodies face with static sitting.

It is the only seat in the world that can adapt to all three dimensions of human movement. This means that the Swopper moves forward, backward, sideways, all the way around, as well as up and down! You can also adjust the tension and movement of the spring, and change the lateral movement, so it can become more or less stable.

This movement, sometimes called "active sitting" or "sitting in motion" has been shown to be the basis for many beneficial health effects. A person no longer needs to lean forward towards the table and flex their spine to work, as the Swopper's flexible centre spring will bend forward, so there is no one-sided pressure on your intervertebral discs.

Ideal for the office and home, for physicians and therapists, artists, musicians and even corporate events and trade shows! The use of the chair is only limited by your imagination.


Sitting on a moveable surface requires the active use of the legs and torso, and the Swopper makes sitting fun and ergonomic in many ways:

  • Improves your posture through active sitting, relieving the pressure on painful discs.
  • Creates a fun way to sit, keeping the mind alert and focused.
  • Great for developing your core muscles (back and abdomen) - it is in fact a muscle toning device.
  • Improves nourishment to the intervertebral discs, keeping the spine uncompressed.
  • It helps promote circulation to your lower extremities, overcoming the muscle fatigue associated with sedentary work.
  • Actively assists lymphatic flow.
  • Load capacity MEDIUM Spring: 60 - 120 kg


Limited Edition Specifications:

  • Glides only stocked with standard gas spring
  • Gabriel Luna LU02 felt like fabric with white base and white spring (90% New Zealand wool / 10% polyamide)


  • Height adjustment
  • Spring tension adjustment
  • Lateral (side to side) adjustment

BIFMA e3 & ETL Environmental VOC Certified

  • Meets BIFMA e3 2012 Furniture Sustainability Standard for Commercial Furniture
    Certification # US1-BIFMAe3level-0000345RO
  • Conforms to ANSI/BIFMA Furniture Emissions Standards for Office Furniture Systems (M7.1/X7.1-2011)
    Certification # US1-ETLVOC-0000024R0


  • Quality control approval # TÜV: M97 114 85 E01
  • The Swopper bears the GS symbol, certified as a chair. So it complies with device safety regulations and can be used anywhere, including offices and public institutions.
  • The Swopper is fully recyclable (except the gas operated compression spring)
  • Height range 45 - 68cm (22" to 27.5")
  • Seat diameter: 40cm (16")
  • Base ring diameter: 54cm (21.5")
  • Chair weight unboxed: 11 kg(23lbs)
  • Load capacity STANDARD Spring: 60 - 120 kg
  • Made from aluminium die casting, plastic injection moulding, steel, foamed material.

Using your Swopper:

Start slowly.

We recommend you start with 30 minutes of continuous use, and gradually build up each day by the same amount, depending on your level of fitness. Because you are actively using your muscles, it is important you do not go straight into doing an hour on the first day!

Warranty Information

Three year limited warranty:

  • Three years on seat structures (spring, seat frame, height adjustment seat frame)
  • One year on seat cushion and seat fabric

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A Great Solution to a Common Problem

The Swopper supports the weight of the pelvis and facilitates the proper use of the sit bones, encouraging an easeful distribution of weight. The movement of the seat sends a continual subtle message to "move up" which keeps the spine from slumping in a C curve, and the seat responds individually to the weight and body movement of each user. Tension is released throughout the shoulders and back.

This is an ideal chair for people whose work involves long periods of sitting as well as for those who have injured their backs.

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