Bad Backs Lumbar Support - Flat Back

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Ergonomically designed to promote proper posture for all day comfort, this lumbar support is perfect for reinforcing the natural curve of your back.

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Product Description

 If you're craving for a little more support for your back when sitting in the car or at work, then this back cushion maybe the perfect solution.

Ergonomically designed to promote proper posture for all day comfort. And as you lean into the back cushion it supports you where you need it most !

Perfect for home, office or travelling.


  • Premium high density moulded foam
  • Flat back, not suitable for car bucket seats
  • Zipped, washable cover (cold hand wash)
  • Includes adjustable strap for attaching to chairs & seats.
  • One (1) year limited warranty



  • 38 x 33 x 8 cm


  • Available in black

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Message from the Experts (UCLA Ergonomics)

What should you look for?

A good backrest can make even the most uncomfortable chair a whole lot more tolerable.

Look for the following features:

  • It should fill in the curves of your back and feel comfortable to sit against.
  • The support should stay put - ones that have straps that attach to the chair generally work better.
  • It should not be so large that it pushes you out towards the middle of the chair and your legs no longer get support.
  • Inflatable rests often work well, since you can adjust the desired support.
  • If you sit forward in the chair, a seat wedge can be used to help position the pelvis properly.

How do you use it properly?

Position the back support to fill in the curves of your back and lean back against it. It should feel comfortable, not like it is making you over arch your back. Use it on any chair that does not feel like it is supplying adequate back support.


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