Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Strap

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The Bauerfeind sports elbow strap provides relief for the forearm muscles around the elbow by delivering targeted compression during sporting activities, particularly tennis, golf and other racquet sports. Made in Germany by the market leader.

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Product Description

The Sports Elbow Strap alleviates pain in the surrounding tendons of the elbow, helping with management of tennis or golfer’s elbow. 

Featuring a five-point gel pad, the Sports Elbow Strap delivers targeted compression to reduce strain on the forearm muscles.

Unique to Bauerfeind, the Sports Elbow Strap features the Boa closure system. This mechanism allows for the pressure to be precisely adjusted by the individual and also released with ease.

The Sports Elbow Strap is designed to be worn during higher intensity activity.

Ideal for: 

  • Tennis elbow 
  • Golfer’s elbow 
  • Prevention of overloading and long-term injury


  • Made in Germany
  • Black
  • One universal size fits all
  • Left or right arm
  • Unique Boa tighten and release mechanism

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