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  1. BetterRest Memory Foam Lumbar Sleep Pad

    Bad Backs new memory foam lumbar cushion pad helps with lower back pain when you sleep. For years we have been looking for this product, as many of our customer frequently have issues with getting that "just" right amount of back support when they lie in bed. May also be helpful for people with any type of back, hip, sciatic nerve or joint issues.

  2. BetterRest Pregnancy Sleeping Wedge

    The new BetterRest Pregnancy Wedge is a terrific multi-purpose cushion for your stomach and back, and ideal for supporting your baby when you sleep. Can also be used between your legs for better hip and leg alignment. Perfect for expecting mums.

  3. BetterRest Extra Long Memory Half Roll
    New to Bad Backs is this super long memory foam half roll with a super soft terry cloth bamboo cover. Has multiple uses....use it under your knees, between your knees, behind your back, for sleeping with...or use it behind your neck. The soft cloth cover is removable for washing.
  4. Bad Backs Knee Spacer with Memory Foam
    This simple knee or leg pillow spacer, (when gently positioned between your knees for sleep comfort) reduces the strain and stress on the back while sleeping by aligning the spine, thus reducing the "torque" applied to the lower back.
  5. BetterRest Memory Bed Wedge
    Ideal for helping take the load of the lower back for those suffering back pain and discomfort, while at the same time maintaining the body's natural position.
  6. BetterRest Reflux Premium Foam Bed Wedge

    As low as: $159

    Ideal for those stuck in bed recovering from surgery or accidents, as it elevates the body to help watching TV or reading a book.
  7. BetterRest Leg Wedge with Premium Foam

    As low as: $139

    It relieves pressure on the lower back by placing your body in a slightly "flexed" position. Excellent for relaxing the muscles and joints in the area of the lumbar region of the back.
  8. BetterRest Leg Wedge with Memory Foam

    From: $149

    To: $261

    The Leg Wedge relieves pressure on your lower back by placing you in a slightly "flexed" position. Made of ultra-comfortable memory foam with a terry cloth case, the leg wedge provides the ultimate in comfort, support and relaxation for the muscles.
  9. Bad Backs Body Pillow - Pillow case ONLY
    Bad Backs Body Pillow & Pillowcase is a cylindrical-shaped body pillow that is designed to provide total body support and assist proper alignment of your spine, use it for sleeping, reading and lounging. Includes the Body Pillow Pillow case.
  10. Comfy Bed Lounger

    A very, versatile cushion or bed rest pillow for all the family. And an excellent support pillow for back pain and overall relaxation.

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