MLILY Milton Adjustable Bed Base (3000M Series - 3 motor wall hugger with matching surround and massage)

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The Milton adjustable, electric bed base is just one design from the MLILY collection that combines modern style, comfort and support to make this your favourite resting place at home.

Features: 3 motor configuration + massage + wireless remote + zero gravity position + matching frame surround.

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Product Description

This particular 3-motor electric adjustable bed base includes luxury features such as the pre-set TV and Zero Gravity positions, an extra memory position, Wall Hugger, LED lighting under the bed and USB charging ports.

By adding an extra head tilt / pillow raise, you have the added option of laying flatter in your bed and tilting your head forward slightly at a touch of a button. Great for reading or watching your favourite video or Netflix show.

The leg elevation position may also assist in alleviating fluid retention. In addition, some subtle adjustments in leg elevation when lying on your side can help in changing the hip position slightly. In combination with the correct mattress this may help back and hip pain sufferers enormously.

And enjoy the benefits of the 'wall hugger' feature. As you raise or lower the head section using your adjustable bed’s positioning function, the bed also glides back. This maintains your body near its original placement so you're always close to your bedside tables and headboard.  Most people find this helpful rather than awkwardly reaching to find the remote, maybe a book or that hot cup of tea or coffee.

The addition of the head and foot vibrating massage is also a welcome inclusion if you are looking for options to encourage improved blood flow.

A wireless controller with built in Flash Light and 2 programmable memory positions complements all the other features. Simply select your most comfortable position and memorise it on your controller to return your bed to your favourite upright position with the touch of a button.

And the stylish matching frame surround finishes this base perfectly and now just needs your new MLILY mattress to complete the perfect package.


  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Pillow Raise
  • Wall Hugger
  • One Touch Flat Button
  • 1 Programmable Memory Position Button
  • Flash Light
  • Syncing Split Bases (For King Split Model)
  • Battery Backup for Power Outage Situations
  • Adjustable Legs: Comes with 25cm (10") legs that can be reduced to 15cm (6") or 10cm (4")


  • Simple Controller and operation. 
  • May assist in reliving respiratory discomfort
  • Leg elevation can assist in relieving fluid retention
  • S Shape (Zero Gravity Position) assists in back pain relief  
  • Extra leg Adjust feature at an affordable price
  • Great Lifestyle option.

Available in:

  • Long Single 92 x 203cm (3' x 6'8")
  • King Single 107 x 203cm (3' 6" x 6'8")
  • Queen 152 x 203cm (5' x 6'8")
  • Split King 92 x 203cm (6' x 6'8") - 2 x Long Singles together

Warranty Information

10 Year Limited Warranty


Delivery is available only to Melbourne, Sydney and Perth metro areas.


  • Users should not enter or exit the bed with any portion in the raised position.
  • Do not sit on the head of foot sections while in the raised position
  • Do not open or tamper with the control box, motor/s or remote (except for battery compartments). The warranty will be void if the internal workings of these components are tampered with.
  • This product is designed for residential use only.


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