Bad Backs Neck Sleeping Pillow


The new revolution in sleeping comfort; our new Bad Backs Neck Pillow orthopedic design cradles your head and neck for that perfect nights will be amazed at the difference.

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Product Description

The Bad Backs® Neck Pillow is made from super comfortable visco elastic heat sensitive foam - the SAME material that was originally developed for NASA !

The visco elastic foam makes you comfortable by perfectly conforming to the curves of your neck, providing you with a level of support and comfort simply unavailable from traditional fiber or feather pillows. The foam really remembers your shape, for a perfect nights sleep!

Our pillows are made from premium density visco elastic memory foam, unlike the lightweight mass market pillows around today, which means they give you long term sleeping comfort and support.

Try the new revolution in sleeping comfort, and you will be amazed at the way the pressure points on you head and shoulders sink into the pressure relieving material. Sink in and wake up feeling rested.


  • Comes with a removable, washable cover 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Premium density memory foam 73kgs/m
  • Two (2) year limited warranty
  • Choice of 3 sizes: small, tall or queen.



The following are intended to help with your pillow choice. They are subjective as the width of yout shoulders will also have a bearing on your pillow choice. Please visit one of our stopres if you get the opportunity.

  • Up to 5'3" (160cm) Small
  • 5'3" - 5'9" (160-180cm) Standard Queen
  • Over 5"9" (180cm+) Tall

Choose the small size if you are a child or petite adult with narrow shoulders.

Select the Queen Standard size pillows if you sleep on your back or have narrow shoulders.

We recommend you choose the tall pillow if you sleep on your side and you have broad shoulders, or if you tend to sleep with more than one pillow.

* Our most popular pillow is the queen size


  • Small: 50cm wide x 30cm deep x 7.5cm high
  • Queen standard: 60cm wide x 30cm deep x 10cm high
  • Tall: 50cm wide x 30cm deep x 14cm high

Care Instructions:
COVER -- Use a mild detergent and cold water. Do NOT tumble dry, always flat or line dry.

FOAM --Do not get wet. If the foam does become wet, dry out of direct sunlight.

Shopping with Confidence!

We appreciate that you want to shop with confidence online. And so Bad Backs wishes to confirm the importance we place on your privacy, security, our returns policy and customer service support.


Review by:
I bought this pillow in 2014 (called Memory Foam Contour Pillow) after suffering years of sleeplessness due to neck and jaw pain from jaw problems. After I got used to it by a couple of weeks it was the best thing I ever bought, I started sleeping through the night and waking feeling very refreshed and pain free. It was truly the best pillow I ever had, the "roll" under my neck was exactly what it needed to support it. After a few years it had started to flatten and lose it's effectiveness, so I went back to Bad Backs and bought the same pillow......or so I thought. The pillow looked identical and the packaging box looked identical so thought nothing of it. However, after having the pillow for almost a couple of months now I cannot get a good night sleep on it and wake up with neck pain every morning. When looking at the pillow it appears to have the contour "roll" which supports your neck, but when I lay down on the pillow the "roll" flattens immediately and almost disappears so that there is no support under my neck. I am just lying on a soft flat pillow which is useless and explains my neck pain. When I checked the box it came in I see it now has a different name which is simply "neck sleeping pillow". So clearly someone has messed around with the design of the pillow and renamed it, because now it is a poor imitation of its predecessor. It is a complete waste of money and a useless poorly designed and constructed pillow. Bad Backs have lost me as a customer.

Bad Backs Reply:
Amanda- Thank you for the message and comments, and so sorry to hear your more recent experience with the new pillow.
If you are able to provide us with some details (full name, email address or reference number for one or both pillows) then we can check the pillow specifications (as we do sell lots of different pillows under various brand names). From time to time suppliers and importers do change or tweak product specifications, and occasionally there may be variations in product batches, which can create different customer experiences, and this may be the situation in your case.

We’d much appreciate the opportunity to find the right solution again for you and would encourage you to make contact with us. However, if you are completely dissatisfied we can of course refund you the cost of your latest pillow after returning the pillow to us, or drop by one of our stores if that is an option.

(Posted on 25/10/2018)
Review by:
"My fiance has a neck operation a few years ago and was using a concave shaped pillow with poor quality visco elastic foam. He was in need of a new one. The pillow we bought from Bad Backs was great. He reported feeling a lot of relief from pain on the first night, but then unfortunately he caught a cold and was sore in general for a week after that, which was obviously unrelated. He now says its great, but wishes it were slightly thicker.

As of late I have had a string of bad experiences with online shopping and just expect the worst each time I do it again. However, with Bad Backs I was replied to almost immediately, got the product so quickly I was amazed and everything went so well. Customer service was excellent, great packaging and an all-round good experience." (Posted on 6/07/2016)
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