Bad Backs Body Pillow & Pillow case

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Bad Backs Body Pillow & Pillowcase is a cylindrical-shaped body pillow that is designed to provide total body support and assist proper alignment of your spine, use it for sleeping, reading and lounging. Includes the Body Pillow Pillow case.

Product Description

Bad Backs Body Pillow is a cylindrical-shaped body pillow that is designed to provide total body support and assist proper alignment of your spine.

The length of this super pillow is 150cm, which is long enough to wrap around yourself and feel the release of tension and stress in your neck, shoulders and back.

Use it for sleeping, reading and lounging.

Expecting mums enjoy the support that this body pillow offers.

Free matching Pillowcase is included.


  • Cylindrical shape conforms naturally for total body comfort
  • Non-Allergenic polyester fibre filling with 100% cotton cover
  • Extra long 150cm length helps relieve back pain
  • Flexible to support upper & lower body
  • Use it for sleeping, reading and lounging
  • 6 month warranty



  • 50cm diameter x 150 cm length


  • Cotton pillowcase is 100% cotton (White)

Warranty Information

Please Note:

Due to health restrictions, unless faulty or damaged, this item is non returnable if it has been in contact with your skin.


Review by:
Very good quality, and lots of support, (Posted on 7/08/2018)
Review by:
"I am pregnant and had a sore back and was feeling uncomfortable in bed.

Both pillows I purchased are great in bed, especially the Spine reliever Body pillow as I can only sleep on my side. The Therm-a-rest back support is very good for extra support while sitting up in bed watching TV. The online shopping process was very easy and the delivery was prompt. Overall I am very happy with the service and the goods." (Posted on 9/01/2018)
Review by:
"I have two bulging discs at the bottom of my spine (one of which has blown into the sciatic nerve channel and required surgery). Because of the bulging discs, I find that I twist badly during sleep and it takes me a good deal of time and pain to get out of bed in the morning. I felt that the Bad Backs body pillow would keep my skeletal structure in the one plane and not allow the sheering pain that I experience. Now I wake up in the morning and can actually get out of bed without pain." (Posted on 9/01/2018)
Review by:
"I purchased the Badbacks Body Pillow a couple of months ago as I have ongoing significant lower back pain, as well as neck and shoulder strain. I wanted a pillow that would support the length of my body, giving me side laying stability and comfort. I don't roll onto my stomach anymore since using this pillow, so I am waking with a lot LESS pain than previously. I am extremely happy with my purchase, I have used other brand body pillows in the past, and this is by far the best quality I've ever come across. The pillowcase provided is very nice fabric too! Ordering online was easy and delivery was super fast. I would happily recommend this pillow to family and friends!" (Posted on 9/01/2018)
Review by:
"I am currently 6 ½ months pregnant and was hoping the pillow would make sleeping easier and more comfortable. Trying to sleep with a watermelon sticking out where your tummy is supposed to be, will never be easy and the body pillow has definitely made the experience easier to cope with. I would shop with you again – it was easy, quick and hassle-free." (Posted on 9/01/2018)
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