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BIMOS ESD Labster 3 Chair with glides & footring



Designed for ESD (electrostatic discharge) protected laboratory areas, the ESD Labster 3 chair from Bimos in Germany meets the tough requirements of ESD EN 61340-5-1, yet provides ergonomic comfort for long term sitting.

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Labster is the world’s first pure laboratory chair that defines the new face of ESD production work.

Bimos ESD chairs fulfil the requirements of the EN 61340-5-1 standard for use in ESD protected areas (EPAs). By choosing the best possible materials and joining technologies, bimos chairs ensure that electrostatic charges can be safely eliminated. Typical discharge resistance is 106 Ω.

  • Steel components with conductive coating
  • Volume conductive plastics - The plastic is coated with carbon particles to make it conductive
  • Fully integrated system - meets ESD standard DIN EN 61340-5-1
  • 5 volume conductive castors / glides - By adding carbon fiber structures, the castors / glides become conductive
  • Conductive upholsteries - The upholsteries are equipped with a special conductive tissue containing finest woven metallic threads.

ESD Labster has been specially developed for laboratory requirements. Labster does not have any corners or edges. This is down to the innovative, seamless design concept, which means that even the mechanisms are tucked away behind a washable soft cover. As a result, there are no gaps or seams for micro-organisms to make their home. All the surfaces can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned. Labster is practically emission-free and complies with the highest air purity classes. It is even suitable for use in clean room conditions. Labster sets new hygiene standards for seating in laboratories as the world‘s first real laboratory chair.

And far as ergonomic requirements are concerned, Labster leaves nothing to be desired. For example, the innovative auto-motion technology ensures that the correct angle is constantly maintained between the user’s back and thigh, regardless of the type of work being done.

Thanks to the compact design and ideal adaptation to the spatial conditions in the laboratory, users profit from maximum mobility and an extension of their range of action.

Labster also has a novel, closed plastic starbase whose diameter is smaller than that of normal bases. This makes efficient use of narrow corridors and confined spaces. Labster combines all of these advantages with a well-balanced and beautiful shape. Its harmonious lines do justice to the modern atmosphere of the “laboratory“ workplace. Labster makes the existing working area for your employees, safer, larger and more attractive.


  1. Auto-Motion technology Equipment Equipment
  2. Seat height adjustment
  3. Backrest height adjustment
  4. Ergonomically shaped seat and backrest upholstery
  5. Star base of plastic
  6. Height-adjustable foot ring of plastic
  7. Floor glides
  8. Plastic parts in platinum grey
  9. Chrome-plated steel parts

Features & Benefits:

Hygienic quality:

  • Consistent hygienic design. Quasi seamless, no nooks and crannies, soft cover on mechanism and controls.
  • Completely washable and resistant to disinfectant
  • Cleaning / decontamination is quick, easy, thorough and safe.

Laboratory qualification:

  • GMP-compatible and suitable for use in clean rooms.
  • Can be used in laboratories of safety class S1 to S3.
  • Suitable for laboratory and hygiene-critical areas of all types and in particular for use in the health sector, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.


  • Ergonomically shaped backrest relieves the spine and muscles with integrated lumbar support.
  • Backrest height can be easily and comfortably adjusted whilst seated.
  • Healthy posture through wide support for back in the lumbar region.
  • The support range for the back can be ideally adjusted to the height of the user.


  • Ergonomically shaped seat with integrated pelvic support and rounded front edge.
  • Automatically encourages the correct posture and upright, healthy sitting. The rounded front edge of the seat prevents blocked circulation in the thighs.

Seat and backrest design:

  • Synthetic leather cushion with seamless upholstery technique and high quality Skai synthetic leather.
  • Washable and resistant to disinfectant.
  • Standard colour is black 2571. Available in the colours:

    • Blue (6902)
    • Red (6903)
    • Grey (6911)
    • Mint (6914)
    • White (6907)
  • The extra-strong comfort upholstery offers excellent seating comfort.
  • Soft and comfortable upholstery provides a comfortable feel that's resistant to disinfectants, washable and easy-care Ideal for the use in laboratories.

Seat height:

  • Infinitely variable seat height adjustment from 550-800mm
  • Large seat height adjustment range.


  • Auto-Motion technology
  • Quick adjustment
  • Automatically adjusts the seat and backrest tilt to the working posture. Ensures better support, particularly with a leaning forward posture typical for work in laboratories.
  • Automatically adjusts to the user, encourages movement and makes longer periods of work more pleasant.
  • All functions can be reached without being seen and can be easily operated whilst seated.


  • Closed star base. Colour platinum grey
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Can also be used as a footrest as required.
  • Small base guarantees maximum space efficiency.


  • Height-adjustable foot ring of plastic
  • Offers support through broad step with quick and easy height


  • Large and hard-wearing plastic floor glides High stability

Material used:

  • All materials are pure and recycable.
  • Environmentally friendly


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  • DIN EN ISO 14644-1 Air purity class 3
  • GMP - compatible
  • Laboratory safety class S1 to S3
  • GS symbol for „Tested safety“
  • Quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001
  • EEC Directive No. 1836/93 and
  • Environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001
  • Certified laboratory suitability
  • Tested by Fraunhofer Institut IAO


  • Backrest: Height 300mm
  • Seat: Height 550-800mm
    Width 430mm
    Depth 410mm
  • Packaged weight: 12 kg
  • Packaged volume: 0,16 m³

Warranty Information


  • 3 year limited warranty on upholstery, castors and gas spring, 5 years on the

Who is bimos ?

They are the leading manufacturer of workplace seating in Europe. For decades, Bimos have focused on providing specialised seating solutions for work away from the conventional desk.

As an Interstuhl brand (the office chair specialist), they are backed up by 40 years of development and production experience, and combine the latest research and technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Bimos can offer the right stool for any working area. Its range extends from sturdy seating solutions for production workstations through to highly sophisticated laboratory chairs. Despite the huge diversity of products on offer, their our seating solutions have a common objective: To provide people with optimum support, fitting perfectly into the working environment without requiring users to adapt.

Shopping with Confidence!

We appreciate that you want to shop with confidence online. And so Bad Backs wishes to confirm the importance we place on your privacy, security, our returns policy and customer service support.

Should you choose to shop in-store, visit one of our stores in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth.

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Reliable electrostatic discharge protection for electronic workstations

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) refers to the electrostatic discharge of charged objects or people.
Electrostatic discharge can result in damage to microelectronics components. This is because of the minute scale involved which means that the energy from a static discharge has the same impact on a semiconductor as a lightning strike would on a tree.

ESD chairs play a crucial role when it comes to ensuring reliable ESD protective measures for electronic workstations.

ESD protection is regulated by European standard EN 61340, which is designed to help users select appropriate protective measures. It stipulates the following in respect of workplace chairs: “The resistance to the point of contact with the floor of any parts of the seat that could come into contact with the user’s body during standard use must be <1010 Ω.” (Extract from standard EN 61340-5-1)

Consistently exceeding the standard

bimos ESD chairs meet the requirements of standard EN 61340-5-1 as far as their use in EPAs (ESD Protected Areas) is concerned. However, the demands that actually apply in practice
are often more stringent even than this. This is because the increasing miniaturisation of electronics components is making them more susceptible to the problem of electrostatic discharge. The most effective way of dealing with this issue is either to prevent charges from occurring in the first place or
to ensure that any undesirable charges are safely discharged.

Thanks to the optimum choice of materials and connection technology used, bimos chairs reliably prevent the build-up of electrostatic charges. In addition, the chairs are designed to
direct any charges that the user may be carrying safely down to the conductive base as soon as he or she sits down. Thus, bimos ESD chairs offer a fully integrated system of protection.

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