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If you suffering from neck pain, headaches or poor posture due to hunching over your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and you want a simple and effective way to relieve your upper back and rib cage stiffness at home, then you may want to try the Backpod back device, a New Zealand physiotherapy innovation that is specifically designed to stretch out and free up your tight and bent upper spine

Backpod is a small, green device that looks like a curved cushion. It is made of high-quality polycarbonate and has a soft rubber coating for comfort. Use it by lying back on it on the floor, with your knees bent and your head on some pillows and it will gently apply pressure to your spine and ribs, stretching them out and restoring their natural flexibility. You can adjust the position of the Backpod to target different areas of your upper back and sides.

It comes with a comprehensive home care program that includes strengthening exercises, massage techniques, posture tips, and lifestyle advice, all based on 30 years of expertise in treating spines by Steve August, a physiotherapist and the inventor of the Backpod. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their upper back health and posture. It can also help with specific conditions such as costochondritis, Tietze’s syndrome, asthma, scoliosis, and more. It has won several international awards for its design and innovation, and has received positive feedback from thousands of users around the world.

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