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Blackroll is a leading brand of foam rollers and fascia training tools that help you improve your mobility, flexibility, recovery and performance. Made in Germany with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials that are durable, robust and easy to clean.

Whether you want to relieve muscle tension, prevent injuries, enhance your posture or boost your circulation, Blackroll has the right product for you. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and hardness levels to suit your needs and preferences. You can also find exercises and tips on how to use Blackroll products effectively on their website or app.

Bad Backs is Australia’s leading specialist in ergonomic furniture and equipment for back pain management and a supplier of Blackroll products offering a wide range of foam rollers, massage balls, bands, mats and accessories.

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  1. Blackroll Fascia Massage Gun
    Blackroll Fascia Massage Gun
  2. Blackroll DuoFlex 12
    Blackroll DuoFlex 12
  3. Blackroll Standard Foam Roller
    Blackroll Standard Foam Roller
  4. Blackroll Mini Foam Roller
    Blackroll Mini Foam Roller
  5. Blackroll Groove Pro Roller
    Blackroll Groove Pro Roller
  6. Blackroll Stretch Band
    Blackroll Stretch Band
  7. Blackroll DuoBall
    Blackroll DuoBall
    As low as $32.90
  8. Blackroll Ball
    Blackroll Ball
    As low as $19.90
  9. Blackroll Compression Boots
    Blackroll Compression Boots
    As low as $889.90
  10. TOGU Blackroll Mini
    TOGU Blackroll Mini
  11. TOGU Blackroll Ball
    TOGU Blackroll Ball
    As low as $14.95
  12. TOGU Blackroll Twister
    TOGU Blackroll Twister
  13. BlackRoll Travel Sleeping Pillow
    BlackRoll Travel Sleeping Pillow
  14. BlackRoll Smart Move Sit Stand Board
    BlackRoll Smart Move Sit Stand Board
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