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  1. INSITU Posture+ Kneeling Chair

    INSITU Posture+ Kneeling Chair is a new model to Bad Backs and based on the classic 1970's design that caused a sitting revolution.

  2. INSITU Kneeling Chair

    The newly introduced INSITU kneeling chair range helps reduce your lower back pain by dropping your knees lower than your hips which in turn rotates the pelvis so you sit in a more upright position. For those of us with a bad back this position encourages an upright posture and helps take pressure of those dics.

  3. InSitu Active Sit Stand Perch Stool-Black

    The InSitu® Active Sit Stand Perch Stool is a super comfortable stool designed to be used when working at high counters or with sit stand desk and tables. It encourages active sitting because of its clever adjustable pivoting base that rotates through 180 degrees and moves backwards and forwards to keep you in the correct ergonomic position..... encouraging movement and flexibility for standing and sitting postures.

  4. INSITU Active Standing Board

    The new INSITU Active Standing board keeps you moving when you stand...perfect for sit stand desks, it stimulates the body, blood circulation, heart, brain, balance and even the digestive system! Safe and sturdy for everybody.

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