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If you are looking for ergonomic, functional and durable furniture for your child’s study area, look no further than moll kids furniture from Germany.

moll kids furniture is a line of high-quality desks and chairs that are designed to grow with your child and support their learning and well-being. Made by moll Function, a family-owned company based in the Swabian Alps of southern Germany, with almost 100 years of experience in crafting innovative and sustainable furniture solutions. moll kids furniture is ergonomic, meaning that it adapts to the changing needs and preferences of your child as they grow. The desks and chairs are height-adjustable, tilt-adjustable, and offer plenty of storage space and utility surface for writing, reading and drawing. They also encourage movement, which is essential for healthy learning and development. Available with a variety of features and options to suit different styles and spaces. You can choose from different models, colors, accessories and configurations to create the perfect study environment for your child. Whether you need a compact desk for a small room, a split desk for more flexibility, or a rotary rack for more storage, moll kids furniture has it all. Durable, moll kids furniture is made from high-quality materials and workmanship, ensuring consistent “Made in Germany” quality.

Bad Backs is proud to be a supplier of moll kids furniture in Australia. Bad Backs is a leading online retailer of ergonomic products that promote health and wellness with expert advice on how to choose the best moll kids furniture for your child.

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  1. Moll Maximo Kids Chair
    Moll Maximo Kids Chair
    As low as $1,295.00
  2. Moll Champion Kids Desk
    Moll Champion Kids Desk
    As low as $2,395.00
  3. Moll Scooter Kids Chair Cushion Only
    Moll Scooter Kids Chair Cushion Only
    As low as $250.00
  4. Moll Champion Flex Deck
    Moll Champion Flex Deck
    As low as $1,195.00
  5. Moll Champion Side Top
    Moll Champion Side Top
  6. Moll Scooter Kids Chair
    Moll Scooter Kids Chair
    As low as $1,295.00
  7. Moll Champion Panel
    Moll Champion Panel
  8. Moll Lucky Kids Chair
    Moll Lucky Kids Chair
    As low as $545.00
  9. Moll Buddy Kids Chair
    Moll Buddy Kids Chair
  10. Moll Champion Multi Deck
    Moll Champion Multi Deck
  11. Moll Cubic Pedestal
    Moll Cubic Pedestal
  12. Moll Winner Comfort Kids Desk
    Moll Winner Comfort Kids Desk
    As low as $1,895.00
  13. Moll Bandit Kids Desk
    Moll Bandit Kids Desk
    As low as $1,395.00
  14. Moll Winner Side Top
    Moll Winner Side Top
    As low as $495.00
  15. Moll Winner Flex Deck
    Moll Winner Flex Deck
    As low as $1,195.00
  16. Moll Pro Pedestal
    Moll Pro Pedestal
    As low as $1,195.00
  17. Moll Bandit Desk Side Top
    Moll Bandit Desk Side Top
  18. Moll Bandit Desk Flex Deck
    Moll Bandit Desk Flex Deck
  19. Moll Desk Blotting Pad
    Moll Desk Blotting Pad
    As low as $65.00
  20. Moll Orga Set
    Moll Orga Set
  21. Moll Basic Book Holder
    Moll Basic Book Holder
  22. Moll Flexlight
    Moll Flexlight
  23. Moll Design Folding Book Holder
    Moll Design Folding Book Holder
  24. Moll Cable Butler
    Moll Cable Butler
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