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  1. Pro-Tec Ankle Wrap & Support

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    Special Price $32.95


    A very supportive and easy to use ankle support from US market leader Pro-Tec. Used by professional athletes and recommended by medical professionals.

  2. Pro-Tec Patellar Knee Tendon Strap

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    Special Price $22.95

    Designed to help alleviate the painful symptoms of tendinitis, chondromalacia, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Osgood-Schlatter's Disease, and other knee ailments.
  3. Pro-Tec Toe Flexor Toe Stretchers

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    Lifting and spreading of the toes helps stretch the muscles and Achilles tendon, and stimulates the nerves and connective tissue. Regular use can help in healing bunions, hammer toes, varicose veins and other problems caused by poor circulation. NOTE: Stock only available in Maximum Strength

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