Humanscale Freedom Executive Office Chair

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The Humanscale Liberty office chair, popularly known as the Freedom chair around the rest of the world, maximizes natural spontaneous movement, which is essential for a healthy body and a comfortable day's work. Over one million sold worldwide!

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Product Description

A million users worldwide can't be wrong: Freedom is the gold standard by which other task chairs are judged.

The Freedom chair was designed specifically to encourage frequent, spontaneous changes of position. There are no locks and no tension springs to negotiate. Instead, there are elegant mechanisms that automatically support your body in every position you’ll assume throughout the day.

Freedom's advanced technology has made sitting simple. Now you can think about your work, rather than worry about your chair. Humanscale is a leading worldwide supplier of task seating and workstations.

AFRDI certified and approved to AS/NZS4438:1997, certificate # 7108/1 for severe commercial use. Rated to 135kg maximum user weight.


    • Body fit
      The seat, back and headrest may be independently positioned to fit your exact body size.
    • Responsive backrest
      Unique Dual Pivot backrest automatically adapts to the changing needs of your spine during recline.
    • Intelligent mechanism
      Revolutionary counterbalance mechanism automatically provides the right amount of recline tension for your body size and weight.
    • Automatic headrest
      The dynamic, position sensitive headrest cradles your head and neck as you recline, and moves out of the way when you sit upright—automatically.
    • Synchronous armrests
      Body-friendly armrests move up and down together, so you are always in balance.They swing out of the way down low to fit under desks.
    • Contoured cushions
      The thin, sculptured cushions are specifically designed for long-term sitting comfort.
    • Recline action
      As you recline, you’ll maintain a near constant eye level, while the angle between your torso and legs opens up for better body function.

Colour Options:

  • Oxygen Fabric - Inhale Black Colour (O001) seat, back and headrest, standard duron arms (1), graphite base (G)
  • Ticino (Chrome-Free) Black Leather - Ticino is a semi-aniline dyed leather -  seat, back and headrest, standard gel arms (M), polished aluminum base and frame(A)

Environmental Innovations:

Before environmental sustainability became fashionable, Freedom was already leading the way toward a greener planet. Its user-centred design allowed the removal of a significant number of parts, such as the tension recline mechanism found on all other task chairs.

Its predominant use of 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum minimizes the use of virgin materials. And its innovative, modular design extends the useful life of the chair by making cushion upgrades or in-field repairs a snap.

      • 62% recycled content
      • 90% recyclable
      • Weighs only 16kg (35 lbs) (other high-end task chairs weigh up to 35kg (78 lbs)
      • Made of 160 parts (other high-end task chairs contain up to 250 parts)
      • Modular cushions for easy replacement
      • Greenguard Certified

Commercial Success:

    • More than one million chairs sold
    • 10 years on the market and sales through 2008 were still on the rise
    • 10 international awards
    • Extensive international press coverage
    • Featured in 20 prime time TV shows and counting; see complete list on page 10
    • Featured in 28 major motion pictures and counting; (Note: Humanscale never pays for product placement in TV and film. All placements were specified by the set designers and most were either purchased by the production company or rented for a fee.)


  • Designed to fit 95% of the office population (5’0” - 6’4” height, 45-130kgs weight)
  • Weight-sensitive, self-locking recline mechanism with 20 degrees of movement
  • Automatically pivoting backrest with seven-degree back tilt
  • Synchronous arms attach to the back frame with 15cm vertical adjustment, adjusting seat level for up close work at a desk
  • Arm length is 22cm with 48cm distance between each synchronous arm
  • Contoured cushions with waterfall edge and Coccyx cutout reduce pressure on lumbar and thoracic spine
  • Limited 15-year warranty on structure, 5 years on fabric and arms
Dimensions (mm):
  • Seat Depth - 412 ~ 469
  • Seat Width - 533
  • Backrest Height - 457 ~ 533
  • Chair Width - 692
  • Armrest Height - 127 ~ 279
  • Armrest Length - 362
  • Distance Between Armrests - 546
  • Height (with headrest) - 1092 ~ 1346
  • Base Diameter - 635

Seat Height (floor to compressed front center of seat cushion)

  • 405 - 535 mm (16"– 21") standard (stocked)

Warranty Information

  • Warranty
    15 year structural warranty, 5 years on fabric and arms

Please Note:

This product is non returnable unless deemed faulty or damaged.

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The Designer

One of the century’s pre-eminent designers, Niels Diffrient has endeavoured throughout his career to emphasise the “human factors” of industrial design, using ingenuity and intuition to provide consumer products that meet their needs.

His emphasis on meeting human needs was codified in the three volume Humanscale, an influential sourcebook for designers that examined the movements and dimensions of the human body. 

His quest to create workplace environments fitted to the needs of their users; continues unabated with “Liberty,” a task chair that conforms to its user’s shape without an array of knobs and levers. 

Movement is essential for a healthy back. People are spending more time sitting than ever before. Not surprisingly, this increase in sitting has been accompanied by a proportional increase in back problems. Our bodies were designed to move. In fact, movement, more than anything else, provides nourishment for the spine, keeps the joints lubricated and flexible, improves circulation and therefore keeps us comfortable. 

Conversely, when we don’t move, the elasticity of our spine and joints is reduced and our muscles become fatigued. The key to healthy and comfortable sitting is being able to move without restrictions. 

Press Highlights:

“The granddaddy of the ergonomic revolution, Diffrient, 78, has spent his career emphasizing the ‘the human factor’ when designing an object. The first volume of his breakthrough book, Humanscale, was published in 1974, altering the way in which industrial designers approached projects, urging them to consider usability as much as they were considering aesthetics. Diffrient’s Freedom chair, first presented in 1999, became a quick hit among purveyors of design and aching-back office workers alike—eight years later, it’s still considered to be on the forefront of comfort and style.” – The Tastemakers, 2007 

“The world’s simplest and smartest office chair. Almost magically, Freedom adjusts itself to the greatest range of human performance without knobs, locks or levers.” — AXIS (Japan), Nov-Dec 1999

“The jurors were awed by the mechanics, wowed by the comfort and overcome with excitement about the possibility of changing the contract-seating market forever.” — I.D. Magazine, Design Review 2000

“[The] combination of ergonomics and aesthetics … marks the true genius of the Freedom chair. The ergonomic properties and comfort levels are second to none.” — Mix Interiors (UK), February 2000

“The [Freedom] chair adapts naturally to the geometry of the human body. The [mechanism] operates dynamically and stops automatically in the correct position.” — DOMUS (Italy), March 2000

“Diffrient’s chair [will] save a great many people from a great deal of unnecessary, life-degrading pain. Design has no higher aim. Plus, let’s be honest: The Freedom chair looks amazingly cool!” — Wired, July 2000

“The [Freedom] chair is sensational.” — Fortune Small Business, June 2001 “Five stars! Worth every cent, the Freedom task chair removes at least the physical discomfort of your workday.” — Business 2.0, June 26, 2001

“For the last few years, the gold standard in office seating has been set by … the Freedom chair by Humanscale.” — New York Times, October 3, 2002

“Elegantly and effortlessly, the Freedom chair is changing the way people sit and the way people think about furniture.” — Buildings, December 2002 FREEDOM PRESS HIGHLIGHTS 8

“This ergonomic office chair feels so good, the two of you will want to get a room.” — Popular Mechanics, January 2003

“Chairs reflect the character of their designer. Niels Diffrient is clever, pragmatic, honest, personal and generous. I sit on his Freedom Chair every day and it makes me optimistic about the value of design.” — Rob Forbes, Founder of Design Within Reach, 2003

“The most impressive characteristic of Diffrient’s chair is how intuitive it is. At last, this is a chair that offers some support for all those who never adjust the multitudinous knobs on their office seating, and wouldn’t know what to adjust them to if they did.” — Blueprint, April 1, 2003

“You can’t get more comfortable in a vertical position.” — Andrew Tilin, “Our picks for … office chairs,”, September 2007

“You’ll marvel at the simple sophistication...” — Andrew Tilin, “Our picks for … office chairs,”, September 2007

“So it’s not exactly cheap—but when you spend the majority of your life in a desk chair, it’s probably worth the splurge. The uber-ergonomic Humanscale Freedom uses a counter-balance mechanism to provide the exact amount of support your body requires, has a specially contoured back design, and works without a half-dozen pumps and controls, so that sitting easy can be just that.” — Abby Seiff,

“We really had a hard time deciding between Humanscale and Herman Miller, two companies that seem to compete like Coke and Pepsi. In the end … we went with the Humanscale [Freedom chair] and its supportive headrest as the best option.” — John M. Guilfoil,

“Straighten up and sit right,” Boston Globe, February 8, 2009 “Damn you Humanscale! Damn you for making such a ridiculously comfortable chair.” — Yoni Freedhoff, M.D.,

“World’s Greatest Office Chair (Humanscale Freedom Review),” Weighty matters, February 10, 2009 9 



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