The EnergyPod® by Metronaps® is the worlds first chair designed exclusively for power napping in the work place.

Studies have shown that taking a short nap during the day improves alertness, learning, creativity and mood… and regular napping has been documented to reduce stress and significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. The EnergyPod’s zero gravity position, specially composed sleep music, gentle wake sequence of programmed lights and vibrations are the perfect nap environment.

By providing a dedicated space for rejuvenation, the EnergyPod® helps individuals boost their productivity while helping them to maintain a healthy way of life.

Our sales director Jonathan visited Christopher (the inventor and company owner) in the USA in February & then Copenhagen in May 2016 to test out the EnergyPod® first hand!

Bad Backs is launching the EnergyPod® in its Crows Nest Sydney in October 2016, so come down to the store and have a nap!