Movement is the key in todays ergonomic market

From ergonomic market leader Humanscale comes the unique looking Ballo stool or chair. It’s a multipurpose stool for short-term, active, dynamic sitting. Perfect for grabbing a quick seat, at a conference table or for any reception area, Ballo is all about movement.

Available in a variety of colours, Ballo’s unique quirky design lightens up any contemporary space while at the same time promotes movement (the buzz in ergonomics today)…..if its not dynamic enough for you, go for the Swopper stool our top of the range active chair from Germany !

Ballo was inspired by the exercise ball, but it’s more fun. I wanted to create a stool that would bring a playful aesthetic to any environment, while encouraging healthy movement.” Don Chadwick, Designer

The Ballo stool is ideal for collaboration spaces, education spaces, cafeterias, reception areas, home offices etc….anywhere you can think of !