Over the past 6 months those clever people at Standesk have been developing a new height adjustable standing desk, it’s the STANDESK Memory version of the original that we have sold for the last few years . Production is underway with an Australian launch planned for June this year.

The features and benefits of this new system are:-

  • 3 memory height positions, with an up/down button – simply press the button to make the Standesk standing desk go to any pre-determined position without having to hold the button.
  • Anti-collision feature for the unit going up or down to ensure safe use.
  • Automatic sleep function to save power. To power up the unit, just touch any button.
  • Simpler assembly of the unit, with most parts now pre-assembled, compared to the old version
  • Improved functional design – user friendly
  • Proven reliability of electrical system.

We will have a demo version of the new standing desk available in our retail store at the end of June for you to try or simply order online and your Standesk will be delivered to your home. Call us 1-800-615-666 if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you soon