If you suffer from neck and back problems, the thought of travelling can be daunting. Hours spent sitting prone in the one position, with heavy luggage to lift at either end of the journey, can get your holiday off to a painful and miserable start. However, there are some steps you can take to make the journey as comfortable as possible, allowing you to make the most of your holiday when you get there.

Read recommendations in Bupa Travel Insurance’s article, ‘Survive a Long Flight with These Top Travel Accessories’, to get ideas on travelling in comfort the next time you fly which features Bad Backs and the Obedo Neck Travel Pillow. ‘It promotes healthy spinal alignment,’ says Bupa, ‘and will help you sleep like a baby on your flight so you can wake up refreshed for your holiday.’

Beyond what we shared with Bupa, there are a few extra travel tips and tricks we wanted to share with you:

Firstly, pack as light as you can. The less weight you have to lift, the less strain on your muscles and joints. The way you lift and carry your luggage can make all the difference too. If you have to lift a heavy suitcase from the ground, bend from your knees rather than your back, so your legs are taking the strain. The same goes for pivoting when carrying luggage; do this with your feet rather than twisting your back.

Try and distribute the weight you’re carrying as evenly as possible on both sides of your body, and if you’re carrying a shoulder bag, make sure you switch sides regularly to avoid one side of your neck and back taking unnecessary strain.

If you’re flying, there are a variety of things you can do in-flight to prevent your pain getting worse. Drinking plenty of water is vital, as this keeps your muscles and joints hydrated, reducing pain. Walking around the cabin at least once an hour and performing muscle stretching exercises in your seat will reduce stiffness and tightness.

It’s also worth talking to your GP or pharmacist before you travel, to see what medication they recommend. In addition, you shouldn’t leave home without a good neck pillow and back support – check out our excellent range available from Bad Backs.

We work in conjunction with a team of healthcare professionals and universities to offer advice and products to help those who suffer from back, neck and joint pain. Our range of neck pillows have been designed specially to make travelling as comfortable as possible for people with neck pain, including hypo-allergenic pillows, memory foam pillows, and pillows with adjustable firmness that roll up small to fit easily inside your carry-on luggage.

If you’re travelling by car instead of plane, we also offer an innovative memory-foam neck support that attaches between the back rest and the head rest of your car seat.

Travelling with neck or back problems no longer needs to be an excruciating experience!

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