Bad Backs Helps Educate Students

On March 21st 2018, Back Backs in Sydney was delighted to welcome a group of over 150 Occupation Therapy students from the Australian Catholic University in North Sydney.

The students visited the store as part of their second year Occupational Therapy course to help them locate appropriate and suitable ergonomic equipment options and help educate them on the importance of ergonomic equipment suppliers within the industry.

Jonathan Hulme, Director of Bad Backs was on hand to present the product options available and explain the ways in which the company supports Occupation Therapists when they work in the field with clients. This included an overview of ergonomic seating solutions; how to choose a chair for a client: sit stand workstation options with a special focus on sit stand stools, monitor arms, vertical mice. The student also reviewed unqiue products like zero graviy recliners and simple lifestyle aids like memory foam toppers and bed and leg wedges.