OCCUPATION: School Activities Manager, Mum & Bad Backs Customer

CONDITION: Chronic low back pain

My back really is under constant pressure.

I’ve always suffered from lingering lower back pain. My new job means I spend a lot more time sitting at a computer for most of the day organising things and sending emails – and though I love my job, sitting for long periods really is no good for my back.

I do walk regularly and love spending time with the family and our much loved family pets – our dogs Rexie and Skeeta. I am so pleased my friend put me on to Bad Backs, the products and service are outstanding, and I really have discovered a solution that works for me to help relieve all those aches and pains that had been troubling me for so long.

I have now bought a Jobri Deluxe Memory Lumbar Support for use on my chair at work, this provides great support and has been a great relief. I also take a gorgeous Physio Hot & Cold Bag – Heat Therapy to bed when it gets cold, it really warms up your toes.

The service and commitment to excellence is to be commended, thank you Bad Backs, I’ll be coming ‘back’!