OCCUPATION: Former Pakistan Cricket Coach, Former Australian Test Cricketer & Test Commentator

CONDITION: Lower Back Pain, Stiffness, Soreness, Poor Posture

Even though I was a very fit person when I retired, my back constantly gave me problems of pain and stiffness that stopped me from exercising and playing my favourite game of golf. I even had to stop running cricket practice sessions at my club.

My job involves coaching, commenting and writing on cricket, so I spend hours many watching cricket on TV or in the commentary box. That lack of excerise and poor posture only makes the spine stiffer. Then I tried the BackSaver and LaFuma Zero Gravity Recliners from Bad backs. I could watch long hours of cricket and not suffer the aches and pains associated with a lack of movement. Along with wonderful treatment from my chiropractor, my back has improved dramatically to the point where I can actually send a few deliveries down again in friendly and charity games.

I would recommend the very comfortable BackSaver and LaFuma Zero Gravity Recliners to anyone who spends time in front of the television, reading and generally relaxing.