One of the Bad Backs Directors, Jonathan Hulme is in Asia this week looking for new and unique back care products to bring back for its Australian customers. For those of you who have never done business in China, its all about trying to find reliable honest supply partners that are in business to build long term relationships; not just make a quick buck or two, or put prices up when you go to order the second time ! Where do we travel ? While a lot of the factories are in or near the major cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou, there are pockets of factories for different industries in more challenging locations, so its either get on a train or bus...or if you are lucky find a local airport, usually using some airlines that are not top of the well know list ! Shenzhen Airlines was a new one on this trip, and surprisingly good. We thought you might like to see a few pictures of Jonathan on his travels, lots of work and some fun too ! We look forward to launching some new product ranges later this year (Jonathan reports May is a great time to visit...not hot and not cold...perfect !)