New to Bad Backs the unique Curble Chair is a Korean designed posture corrector for anybody that needs to sit ergonomically ! Convenient, portable, and easy-to-use: ideal for carrying with built-in handle. Use it anywhere you need good back the office, at school, in the car, on your bed, sofa, the floor or even outdoors at the park or sports game! 

Its flexible and supportive design with padded seat and pad zones makes it perfect ...combining the principles of leverage and its flexible material, to naturally correct your posture and prevent you from sitting too far forward.


  • Designed with the Optimum Angles for Support - Curble Chair’s bottom surface is raised up by 14 degrees, making your body lean forward naturally in a sitting position, pushing your waist naturally to create the correct posture
  • A Raised Coccyx Design - Your coccyx is lifted naturally to disperse the pressure on the spine and correct the core muscles on your body
  • Air Circulation - Air ventilation system and fabric pattern makes body heat and sweat circulate smoothly to stay cool for a long time
  • Ergonomic Posture Design - Made of a highly elastic resin, the Curble pulls in the pelvis and exerts pressure on to the waist. The durable, yet elastic backrest can withstand a load of up to 140kg and effectively supports your spine, as it naturally maintains the correct posture, reducing back pain and fatigue
  • Use it Anywhere - Place the Curble Chair against or with some space between the backrest of your chair. This allows you to adjust the Curble Chair to the utmost level of comfort and posture correction for you. Also use in any environment where there is no back at the park or beach
  • High Density Foam  - Super high density foam padding with fabric cover provides excellent comfort for long term sitting .
  • For all ages and sizes - Great for kids and adults


  • Nylon resin moulded structure
  • Flexible yet super strong
  • Air hold ventilation
  • Polyester padding in support locations for the back and sit bones
  • Black colour