The very best therapy for back pain is exercise. The kind of exercise will look a bit different for everybody and every taste. However, to maintain strength, flexibility and bone density the body must keep active. Bad Backs stocks an aladdin’s cave of unique ergonomic tools to enhance the exercise experience, and to promote recovery or management of back pain.

Switch Sticks
Walking canes were once the provenance of Victorian England. How many movies feature stuffy gentlemen in top hats wearing black and white brogues that tap to the beat of an ebony cane. Fast forward to 2016 and finally walking sticks are infused with fun. Switch Sticks are aluminium canes that are available in 21st century computer generated designs –  in lots of colour. They feature a maple handle and height adjustment, suitable for people ranging from 5ft 1” to 6ft 3”. If you are walking down the street with the help of cane, why not make a style statement!

NuBax Trio Traction Device
After suffering a debilitating back injury, facing rehabilitation activities is tough. The exercises need to be done for our long term benefit however we must also face our fear of doing further harm. The Nubax Trio Traction Device provides comfort and physical support while lengthening out the spine. It uses the force of gravity to gently pull your body across a central pivot point. Instantly you will feel pressure relieved from you lower back as the vertebrae separate. See it in action here.

Foam Rollers
Cost effective and multipurpose, foam rollers should be in every active person’s home, regardless if you suffer back pain or not! At first sight they resemble a pool noodle, however, shorter, thicker and made out of much more durable material resistant to dents and scars. They are a favourite of personal trainers, pilates instructors and physiotherapists who incorporate the foam roller into a myriad of back and core strengthening workouts. Beginners may like to start by placing it under their neck for support for core exercises on the floor, Intermediate users can squeeze it between their knees while crunching. Advanced users can use it in dynamic exercises in conjunction with the extensive range of Togu equipment including the Balanza balance board.  

BackJoy Kneeler Pad
Not all exercise needs to follow precise moves and series of repetitions. Gardening gets people out in the fresh air using their arms to dig or egs to bend and stretch. Consider all of the muscle groups that are engaged in activities from raking leaves, pulling weeds, planting flowers and turning soil. But, it is sitting on the ground for extended periods, especially slippery wet ground, that can prevent people from enjoying this timeless activity. The BackJoy Kneeler Pad is a lightweight barrier between you and the ground. It’s slip resistant and cushioned to stop the unforgiving ground creating sores. The best thing is it’s versatility. Anytime you need to kneel the Backjoy kneeler pad is there for you.

Togu Jumper
Snapchat has revealed some of the personal training session of Hollywood Stars where we’re certain we’ve spied the Togu Jumper on celebrity feeds. The Togu jumper is for the person who takes fitness seriously with a dash of fun. Flip it upside down for doing presses (working your chest, arms and core), or place it on the ground and use it as a mini trampoline (helping the core and legs) or as a balance board for upping your game in a zumba or step-aerobic class. The Togu brand is focused on creating innovative, versatile products that people love using. The Togu jumper is no different.


Depending on what you love to do, from walking, gardening, or strength training if you need a helping hand Bad Backs curates products designed for you to get the most out of life. Instead of letting back pain get you down, the right tools can have you resuming your normal, active life.