Massage is a time honoured therapy for relaxation and easing muscle tension. Unfortunately for mere mortals, having a masseuse on call is simply neither affordable or practical. Yet, for every ache, twinge and knot there is hand held tool that can be used to intervene and work out the pain.

A common form of lower back pain forms when the muscles connecting the ribcage to the pelvis are inflamed. We are hardly aware of it, but we use this area of the body constantly to keep sitting and standing erect. But, typically we spend our lives hunched over computers, or carrying heavy loads that interfere with the stability and alignment of our core. It helps having a massager that lets you reach the back without painful twisting of the torso for those occasions when you’re alone at home. The Theracan Trigger Point Massager does just that. It is a curved cane, 61cm long with several knobs. Because of its unique shape your hands are in front of you but the massage action can happen on your back as you move it up, down and around on those knots causing pain.

The gluteous maximus muscle (more commonly known as the “bum”) does an incredible job supporting your torso and allowing your legs to defy gravity by lifting your legs at every step. It gets sore too, often felt as a dull ache or tightness. Even though we need relief here, we are uncomfortable allowing a masseuse to touch  this area of the body. As a solution try either the simple Massage Roller or Moji Curve Massager. The massage roller is held in your hand and pressed at your desired pressure as you move it about in a circular motion. The Moji Curve Massager contains four massage balls evenly spaced in a long polymer strap with handles at each end. You can run it up and down across large muscle groups making it easy to use it on the gluteous maximus without problems, while it is also great for active people to massage their thighs and upper back too.

Our feet are often neglected when they deserve special treatment; after all, they take on the weight of the rest of the body. The position in which the foot rests and flexes directly impacts the alignment of the legs, and in turn the spine. Anyone with high or fallen arches will understand how back pain starts. Because their posture is changed, pain stretches from the foot to the back, all because of the misaligned structure of the foot. To prevent long term pain setting in, turn to an Acupressure Foot Massager, like this one from Rubz. It looks like a cylinder with small spokes running in diagonal directions. Using it is easy. Place it on the floor, and roll it under your foot for at least ten minutes. The tiny spokes around it are designed to give you a reflexology massage that eases tension in the foot and releases tensions points in the body, according to Eastern medicine. And, there is no rule saying that the acupressure massager can’t be used to soothe arms and legs too.

There is a massage product to suit every requirement. Explore this page for a variety of hand held massagers specifically designed for help different parts of the body get a quality massage.