The gap between elite athletes and amateurs is narrowing thanks to the increased accessibility of peak performance technology and science.

If you want to improve the strength of your game, and hone your body to race to the best of its ability, here are a few of the innovations that are peak performers in sports-tech market.

Improve your running gait

In a world where records are broken in microseconds, even the smallest gains are meaningful. In Boston, USA, the Spaulding National Running Centre is able to give performance changing advice to runners who want to improve every detail of their gait, and win.

Their customers, athletes both amateur and professional, are asked to run on a treadmill. Multiple cameras strategically placed to capture every muscle and joint record exactly how their body runs.

Sports scientists take a two to three hours to assess the footage using their knowledge of biomechanics and physics. Their role is to determine if an athletes body mechanics are working smoothly, and the level of force they use in taking each step.

The assessment process is relatively quick. Traditionally, a runner would have needed to work with a coach for at least a season, if not years, to gain insights that a team of sports medicine scientists can do in a few hours at the Spaulding Research Centre.

No matter how experienced, athletes may not be working at the optimum level. Small inefficiencies accumulate over a game leading to fatigue at best or an injury at worst. “Our goal, whether it’s a runner, elite basketball player or any other athlete, is that they learn how to move in a better way,” said Dr. Adam Tenforde, Director of Running Medicine at the centre.

The challenging part of the Spaulding program comes post-assessment. Depending on the findings, the scientists may suggest a regimen of exercises for strength and flexibility or a gait retraining program.

The runner now has the knowledge to apply what the research team has learnt and change their running habit. If you have ever tried to alter something about yourself you can appreciate the mental challenge it takes to overcome your body’s automatic programming. This is where the support of their team make the difference to help athletes raise their running performance.

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Enhance your body composition

If you take sport seriously, imagine what true knowledge of your body composition can do for your fitness.

Up and coming company, Klarismo, propose to utilise MRI scans we have already accumulated in our medical history to figure out the mass of our muscles and fat. The unique technology which Klarismo has developed empowers athletes towards peak performance, by eating and training in ways that are specifically targeted to the individual.

Until now, sports enthusiasts did not have access to accurate information about their own bodies. Old assessment methods using callipers or scales provided fairly good guesstimates of body composition, but why not remove the guesswork with state-of-the-art technology. The best thing about this technology is the price point makes it available to nearly everyone.

Learn more about Klarismo’s sport technology.

Make the most of your fitbit

Most sports people already have a fitbit, or some other wearable tracking device. It is the strongest performer in the sports and technology space. However, after a few weeks or months people tend to stop wearing it. To make the most of this tool, it needs to be used consistently. By recording data everyday you will be in a position to analyse your body, enhance peak performance and get a true picture of your daily habits.

Some of the best fitbit features that can give you a competitive edge don’t relate directly to running distance, steps or time. Instead, use the fitbit to take holistic view of your health and measure the influence of your lifestyle on your sports performance.

  • You can track daily energy expenditure vs relaxation time to help you recuperate adequately before the next race.
  • You can track how many hours of sleep you get, as this will affect how much energy you have and calories you will crave the following day.
  • You can track your food intake to monitor the amount of protein, carb and sugars fuelling your body

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