Launched at the Lab Managers Conference in Sydney in November, the Bimos® range of workplace chairs from Germany, featured the new Neon®, Labster and Fin chairs – the next generation in lab seating.

Bimos is the leading manufacturer of laboratory, cleanroom, ESD and workplace seating in Europe. Backed up by 40 years of development and production experience, they combine the latest research and technology with traditional craftsmanship, and specially tailor their chairs to the movements and postures necessary in laboratory work.

Laboratory work is a striking example of physically awkward sitting positions that can cause excessive strain on the body, resulting in fatigue, circulatory disorders and problems with posture or the musculoskeletal system. Bimos® chairs like the Labster, Neon and Fin help relieve stress on the body, and support a smooth, uninterrupted workflow. Sit and stand ergonomically while working in the laboratory.

Bimos can offer the right seat for any working area. Its range extends from sturdy seating solutions for production workstations through to highly sophisticated laboratory and cleanroom chairs. Despite the huge diversity of products on offer, their seating solutions have a common objective: To provide people with optimum ergonomic support, fitting perfectly into their working environment without requiring them to adapt.

We are very excited about introducing the Bimos® range to Australia. The ergonomic and functional aspects of the Bimos® chairs are a natural fit with Healthezone, appealing to labs and cleanrooms where the highest quality lab standards are required, but the ergonomic needs of sitting for long periods of time also needs to be addressed” says Healthezone director, Jonathan Hulme.

Healthezone ( is a leading Australian importer of ergonomic seating solutions for the office and workplace.

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