HumanTouch Omni Motion PC-610 Classic Perfect Chair - Electric

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The electric Perfect Chair PC-610 omni motion chair has contemporary styling, sumptuous comfort and above all else our favourite Zero Gravity reclining position. It's simply perfection made perfect!  


Product Description

How do you improve on "Perfection" ?

New to Australia from Human Touch in the USA comes the Omni-Motion Classic PC-610 Perfect Chair. The zero-gravity position cradles your back and elevates your legs above your heart, the position doctors recommend as the healthiest way to sit.

  • Relaxes and rejuvenates the spine by naturally decompressing the vertebrae
  • Elevates legs above the heart, helping to improve blood flow
  • Helps expand lung capacity, allowing for deeper, more relaxed breathing

The human body is naturally balanced, graceful and beautiful. The PC-610 Omni-Motion Classic gives you the power to now independently position your recline angle and leg elevation. This feature did not exist on the earlier Perfect chair models. The dual-motor mechanism allows for infinite comfort positions, making this our most adjustable Perfect Chair ever.

The iconic Perfect Chair design also features extended armrests, elongated head pillow and ergonomic lumbar support. These zero-gravity ergonomics are still the best in the industry, and endorsed by physicians as the healthiest way to sit. Stylish design, premium upholstery, and comfort make it perfect for any décor. Welcome to the perfection of perfect.

"In a dynamic test, stick-on electrodes were placed on the lower lumbar muscle groups of a subject sitting in the Perfect Chair. As the chair reclined to zero-gravity, electromyography (EMG) results showed reduced electrical activity in the muscles which were no longer contracting and free from stress."

In a walnut wood frame and various leather colours to match the style of your home.

All of us at Bad Backs are so excited about the zero gravity concept that we even trade marked the term !! Australia TM #1050862


  • FULL-SUPPORT HEAD PILLOW : The comfort pillow cradles the head and neck while providing ergonomic support.
  • EXTENDED ARMRESTS: The wide and long armrests give constant support even as the chair reclines into zero-gravity.
  • 5-WAY CONTROLLER: The intuitive 5-way omni-control on our most adjustable Perfect Chair offers infinite comfort positions with a simple press and hold for zero-gravity.
  • ADJUSTABLE LUMBAR SUPPORT :The adjustable lumbar system is equipped with a release valve, allowing you to customize your seating comfort.
  • BATTERY SAFETY FEATURE*: 2x 9V Back-up battery will restore the chair back to the upright position in case of a power outage. *Batteries not included
  • INDEPENDENT LEG AND BACK ADJUSTABILITY: A revolution in zero-gravity seating, the omni-motion classic gives you dual-motor power to independently position the recline angle and leg elevation.
  • ARTICULATING HEADREST: For simple head and neck adjustment when reading or watching TV.
  • SOLID DESIGN: Hand-carved and hand-stained 100% renewable solid parawood base with Top Grain leather upholstery

World Federation of Chiropractic

Touch is exclusively endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), a professional organization comprised of national associations of chiropractors in 85 countries, representing them and the chiropractic profession in the international community. After thoroughly testing our products, the WFC has concluded that Human Touch® massage chairs and Perfect Chair® Recliners can serve as an important tool for back pain sufferers by helping to alleviate or prevent spinal stress, which leads to back pain and disability.

International Chiropractors Association

Human Touch is honored to partner with the International Chiropractors Association whose members have wholeheartedly embraced our massage chairs and Perfect Chairs, which are used in chiropractic universities and clinics, chiropractor offices, and in patients' homes around the world.



Solid wood finish

  • Walnut
Top Grain Leather:
  • Black
  • Espresso (very dark chocolate)


  • 79% Polyurethane Foam and 21% Polyester Fiber Batting.


  • Chair Reclined Dimensions: 160cm L x 79cm W x 79cm H (63”L x 31”W x 31”H)
  • Chair Upright Dimensions: 109cm L x 79cm W x 119cm H (43”L x 31”W x 47”H)
  • Seat Width:   58cm (23”)
  • Recline Angle: 125 – 175 degrees
  • Product Weight: 41kg (90 lbs).
  • Maximum Weight Load: 180kg (400 lbs).
  • Seat height at front edge 48cm, at rear 42cm approx

Note: All sizes and weights are approximate

Model Number: Human Touch PC-610 Electric Perfect Chair

Warranty Information

What we cover:

Human Touch® products are backed by limited warranties against defects in materials and workmanship. Warranty coverage begins at the time the Consumer purchases the product, and is non-transferable. Warranties are only valid within Australia and provided the equipment has been operated according to the instructions accompanying it. The warranty only applies to the product and does not include any accessories or enhancements. All Human Touch authorized shipments that are delivered in original, new packaging are warranted to be free from defects in parts, materials and workmanship. The following warranty terms supersede any previous terms listed in Use & Care manuals for products purchased on or after April, 2016.

What is not covered:

Warranties do not cover any loss or damage resulting from: improper installation; unauthorized repairs; alterations or modifications of original condition; improper use of electrical/power supply, loss of power; electrical disturbances and power surges; dropped product; a malfunction or damage resulting from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance; failure to follow operating instructions; transportation damage; theft; abuse; misuse; neglect; vandalism; or environmental conditions (fire, floods, rust, corrosion, sand, dirt, windstorm, hail, earthquake, or exposure to weather conditions); loss of use during the period the product is at a repair facility or otherwise awaiting parts or repair; and products purchased from unauthorized dealers. Damage incurred due to shipping and handling does not constitute a defect under this warranty.

Proof of purchase (original receipt) is required for all warranty repairs or service. It is the responsibility of the consumer to:

• operate the equipment in a manner that is defined in the original owner’s manual;

• promptly report any failures with the product;

• perform telephone, email and/or chat diagnostic procedures as instructed by Human Touch or Distributor staff; and

• allow only authorized service professionals (supplied by Human Touch or Distributor) to work on the product.

Failure to adhere to these conditions could result in the warranty being voided. During the warranty period, Human Touch or its authorised Distributor, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace any defective part within a reasonable time frame. If a particular replacement part is not available, reasonable efforts will be made to locate a compatible replacement part. If a compatible part is not available, Human Touch or its authorised Distributor may replace your product with a similar product.

Under no circumstances shall the retail replacement value exceed the original net price paid for the product. In the event you choose not to accept a replacement for your product, Human Touch or Distributor is no longer responsible for making repairs under the warranty coverage. Human Touch or its distributor will arrange for all warranty covered parts deemed necessary to be sent to the consumer at no cost; however the consumer is responsible for any and all shipping fees.

Period – 3yr limited Warranty

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More Information:

Truly, the Perfect Chair! At Human Touch, the vision was to create a chair so extraordinary it would be called The Perfect Chair! Artfully blending contemporary architecture with traditional design, the Director of Design, David Potter, created the chairs bold yet classical look. By integrating the unique zero-gravity technology, then selecting the most sumptuous materials, they created a neutral body posture chaise that transcends common comfort.

Who is Human Touch?

Human Touch®, the #1 supplier of massage chairs in the U.S., has been making people feel better™ for over twenty years by developing state-of-the-art massage products.

Experience Human Touch® and feel better™!



Humantouch PC 610 Brochure

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Humantouch PC 610 User Manual

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I cant believe how brilliant this chair is. Worth every penny....amazing how raising your legs up makes such a difference. Spoke to Jonathan in Crows Nest, very very helpful (Posted on 13/01/2017)
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