Bambach STANDARD Saddle Seat

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The perfect ergonomic answer! The Bambach Saddle Seat is shaped like a saddle to enable the body to maintain an ideal posture when sitting.

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Product Description

The Bambach Saddle Seat is shaped like a saddle to enable the body to maintain an ideal posture when sitting.

The revolutionary designed seat has a tilt adjustment so that the seat can accommodate varying pelvic positions in order to achieve a customised fit. The back rest on the seat is optional and not an ergonomic feature, but available purely as a popular 'back rest'.

The Award Winning Australian design is the result of extensive research supporting the inventor's theory that a person's spine is held in its natural curve, with less stress, when seated in a saddle.

Key Benefits:

  • Relief from back pain
  • Energised at the close of day
  • A very natural, easy balance
  • Circulation is improved
  • Feeling of wellbeing
  • Hands and arms can reach freely and easily
  • Close access to work surface
  • An open chest and abdomen, giving good function for digestion and breathing
  • The 'open' position of the hips fosters good blood circulation
  • Neutral position for back, neck, head & shoulders
  • Upright posture retaining natural spinal curves, especially the lumbar curve.


  • Various adjustable height ranges
  • Adjustable seat tilt
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Choice of struts, castors and upholstery
  • 5 year warranty
  • 5 star base
  • Standard, Executive, Narrow or Small sized seats
  • Recommended by the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association)
  • Tested and approved to Australian standards for strength and durability by AFRDI to Level 6
  • 160kg maximum weight



  • Seat cushion length - 390mm
  • Seat width - 380mm
  • Chair depth (incl backrest) - 400mm
  • Backrest width - 390mm
  • Backrest height - 370mm
  • Backrest height range - 90mm
  • Star base width - 600mm
  • Adjustable height (200mm Std strut – min height 540mm to 730mm max height)

The Bambach Saddle Seat is only available for sale in Australia and are all custom made.

Simply buy now and add the standard black vinyl (with standard castors) to your shopping cart, or email, or call our friendly customer service team on 1800-615-666 to personalise your selection.

Delivery Timeframe:

Please allow approximately 7-10 business days for the manufacture & delivery of your chair.

Fabric Options:

Please refer to the PDF colour swatch for colour choices. The following table indicates the price breaks for the alternative colour ranges.

Fabric Type Price Difference
Standard Vinyl

No difference

Standard Wool No difference
Studio Encore Vinyl Add $100.00 incl GST
Suede FX Add $110.00 incl GST
GECO Plush Vinyl Add $149.00 incl GST
Leather (Black Only) Add $600 incl GST

Standard Order Guide:

No Backrest:

  • Black, Windsor Blue or Charcoal Grey Standard Vinyl
  • Black or Blue Wool
  • Standard Gas Strut (200mm stroke)
  • Standard Castors (Ideal for carpet)

With Backrest:

  • Black, Windsor Blue or Charcoal Grey Standard Vinyl
  • Black or Blue Wool
  • Standard Gas Strut (200mm stroke)
  • Standard Castors (Ideal for carpet)

Custom Order - Please call 1800 615 666

  • Choice of fabrics (extra cost)
  • Choice of gas strut heights 100mm LOW, 140mm MEDIUM, 200mm STANDARD, 270mm DRAFTING (no extra cost)
  • Choice of castors (no extra cost)
    • Standard (carpet)
    • Soft (hard surfaces, vinyl, wood, slate)
    • Locking
    • Friction / Braking (lock when weight removed)
    • Reverse Friction (lock when weight applied & free rolling when weight is removed)
    • Glide (bell shaped castors with flat bottom)

Accessories Available

  1. Chrome base
  2. Drafting Footring
  3. Surgeons foot operated height adjustment
  4. Sheepskin covers [black, grey, charcoal (standard & Large)

Warranty Information

5 year warranty

Please Note:

This product is made-to-order and non returnable unless deemed faulty or damaged.


It may take a few days to a few weeks for your body to adjust to your new sitting position. If you take a little time each day for the first few days you will quickly get used to the new way of sitting.

1. Day One: sit up to 15 -20 minutes only

2. Day Two: 15 – 20 minutes repeated a few times throughout the day

3. Day three-to-five: repeat the 15-20 minutes

4. When you feel at ease, increase the time and remember to take regular breaks

5. Next week increase the time and repeat steps 1-3 as the week progresses. If you have any discomfort or pressure in any new areas, please take a few days break, then return to step one.

Shopping with Confidence!

We appreciate that you want to shop with confidence online. And so Bad Backs wishes to confirm the importance we place on your privacy, security, our returns policy and customer service support.

Should you choose to shop in-store, visit one of our stores in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth.

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Bambach Colour Options

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How To Use Bambach Standard

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