ZestDesk Portable Sit Stand Workstation with Bag

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The only portable standing desk which is lightweight, really stable and allows you to work standing before folding away into a carry case in seconds.
Simply brilliant!  And check out the videos below.


Product Description


We have been watching with interest the development of the ZestDesk for over a year now, from early prototype stages to the now fully fledged product that you see on the market. No money has been spared in its development and it's a super, well made and carefully thought out piece of product development. For years we have been asked by our customers for a lightweight sit stand workstation option that is easy to take from one office to another.

Well here it is !! ZestDesk is the world’s first adjustable, portable standing desk and the only portable standing desk which will let you:

  1. Stand & work healthy: Folds into a carry case & sets up in 30 seconds on any table
  2. Helps improve posture: 2 fully adjustable levels so you can find your perfect posture
  3. Looks & functionality: Designed in Australia & made of brushed aluminium for strength & style

An excellent choice for:

  1. Workers that have to move for work: Anyone who is on the road, at client's office or between offices, like auditors, consultants, contractors, sales reps etc....
  2. Home: Anyone who works from home and wants a product they can pack away i.e. they work from a shared study or kitchen table
  3. Open workspaces: Any business that wants to test standing desks or wants flexibility, eg: hot desks - loan out ZestDesks to ensure that employees are happy, healthy and safe in their work environment

ZestDesk Specifications: 

  • Free shipping within Australia
  • Weighs 5.7kg / 12.6lb
  • Table top carrying capacity of 16kg / 35lb
  • Width of 64cm / 25.1in & depth of 58 cm / 22.8in
  • Made from high quality anodised aluminium
  • Table top is non scratch with a matte finish
  • Non slip rubber feet to ensure stability even when fully extended
  • Sits on top of an existing desk 
  • 1 (one) limited warranty

ZestDesk Monitor stand (included with ZestDesk):

  • Will accommodate a monitor or laptop up to 5kg / 11lb. with maximum 20" screen.
  • Bad Backs recommend larger monitors be placed on tabletop
  • The platform has a non slip rubber strip to give you a secure and safe grip
  • The stand will raise up to 20.5cm / 8.1in from table top with 5 adjustments. (FYI a recommended height for monitors is 6.5cm / 2.6in)

ZestDesk Bag (optional extra):

  • The ZestDesk has an optional extra super high quality bag to carry and protect it.
  • It's fully padded throughout with additional padding on the bag bottom & army grade strap
  • Additional pocket 38cm / 15in wide and 28cm / 11in deep
  • Features a high quality Duraflex D-ring and buckle



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