Original Jacknobber II Massager

The knobs of the four legs of the JacknobberII massage tool can be used in many ways to apply deep pressure to muscular trigger points and tension.

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Product Description

As featured in Australian Womens Health Magazine - July 13 issue out now!

The knobs of the four legs of the Jacknobber®II massage tool can be used in many ways to apply deep pressure to muscular trigger points and tension.

The smaller knobs provide more intense pressure while the larger knobs provide a gentler pressure.

You can use one knob at a time to press deeply into imbedded trigger points; use two knobs at a time on either side of the spine. This is the most satisfying and easy to use hand held massage tool available.

It the ideal instrument for clinic or home use; allowing for firm, sustained pressure on targeted muscle. It is as safe and effective as massaging a sore muscle with your own knuckle or thumb.

It's unique patented design allows it to be used in several hand positions and by the right or left hands comfortably and interchangeably.

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect for deep pressure applications
  • Use left or right hand
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Green colour
  • Easy to wash and clean



  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10cm (4" W x 4" H x 4" D)
  • Weight: 0.45kgs (1lbs)

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About The Pressure Positive Company

Since 1979, The Pressure Positive Company's commitment to personal health and well being, through the use of non-invasive muscle therapies, guides us to design well-crafted, simple devices that continue to set the industry standard for manual, deep muscle self-care tools.

Pressure Positive massage tools and other self care products distributed under the Pressure Positive name are effective, practical solutions for temporarily managing muscle tension and myofascial discomfort due to trigger points whenever and wherever you need it.


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have had a severe neck muscle problem for years...i use the Theracane when I am at home, but take this product with me when I travel as the Theracane is too big ! Saves the day for me especially when i go overseas....dont take it in your hand baggage...security tried to confiscate mine (Posted on 27/08/2016)
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