ORTHAHEEL Orthotic Wave Thongs

Podiatrist-designed thongs that help relieve foot pain, knee pain, aching legs and back pain. This stylish new pair of orthotic thongs/flipflops comes with built-in orthotic, they are waterproof and extremely durable.

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Product Description

Enjoy pure walking comfort this summer!

Effective relief from heel pain, knee pain, aching legs and back pain. And particularly effective for those with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Orthaheel is a unique, patented orthotic sandal, invented by leading Australian podiatrist Dr Phillip Vasyli, to realign your feet to their natural position and improve your body posture.


  • Comes with built-in orthotic
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber outsole
  • EVA midsole



  • Khaki

What exactly is an Orthotic?

A foot orthotic is a device designed to realign the structures of the feet 3 dimensionally.

Why do we need Orthotics?

Our feet were originally designed for walking on natural surfaces like soil and sand. Instead we give our feet adaily pounding by walking and standing on hard, flat unnatural surfaces.

Over time this causes our feet to flatten and twist to make ground contact. Just like the tyres on a car, poor alignment of the feet can have far reaching effects throughout the body and can lead to heel pain, leg pain, knee and back pain.

Why are orthotics helpful for back pain?

Lower back pain can very often be directly attributed to excess pronation of the feet. As the feet roll in (pronate) the hips tip forward and increase pressure in the lower back region.

How Orthotics Work:

Press play to see a few words from the Orthaheel Podiatrist.

Wearing in orthotics

It may take a few days for your feet to become accustomed to the orthotics. If any discomfort occurs, then we suggest you remove them for one or two hours, then replace them and continue to remove and replace them until comfortable.

How long will Orthaheel last?

Activity levels and individual's weight are two of the key variables that determine Orthaheel's longevity. As a rule of thumb, they should last 9 - 12 months before replacement. This is usually determined by a return of symptoms, as the control of the of the orthotic is reduced by compression.


(AUS/USA) Sold in Pairs

  • SIZE: 6 (Mens - 6 or Womens - 7)
  • SIZE: 7 (Mens - 7 or Womens – 8)
  • SIZE: 8 (Mens – 8 or Womens – 9)
  • SIZE: 9 (Mens – 9 or Womens – 10)
  • SIZE: 10 (Mens – 10 or Womens – 11)
  • SIZE: 11 (Mens – 11 or Womens - 12)
  • SIZE: 12 (Mens – 12 or Womens - 13)

More Information:

Orthaheel is a true orthotic, invented to provide medical grade support, alignment and pain relief at an affordable price!. The patented, unique products were developed by an Australian podiatrist and awarded a Silver Medal at the 21st Exhibition of Inventions (Medical Division), held in Geneva, Switzerland.


Review by:
"I have orthotics that I need to wear regularly but unfortunately I can't put these orthotics in summer sandals or thongs.

The Orthaheel wave thongs enable me to wear thongs in the summertime along with everyone else as they have an inbuilt orthotic in them. I am walking extremely comfortably in them. The online shopping process and delivery process were both excellent." (Posted on 6/07/2016)
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