TOGU BodyBone XL

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The TOGU BodyBone XL. Just lay on it and relax. Great to use during strength training, the Bodybone XL makes any easy exercise difficult and takes the workout to new dimensions. Perfect for stability and balance exercises.

Product Description

Just lay on it and relax.

Feel the XL relaxation after a hard training session or work day. Ideal for expanding the trunk musculature.

Used as a pad during strength training, the Bodybone XL hampers any easy exercise and takes the workout to new dimensions. Stability and balance exercises can be made more difficult when the Bodybone XL is employed as an unstable platform. It offers an excellent support for the neck in a dorsal position, as well as a relief for hands and feet.



  • The Bodybone XL is made of high-quality Ruton.
  • Load capacity: approx. 200 kg

Thermal stability:

  • The Bodybone XL is UV-resistant and also heat-resistant to a limited degree. The Bodybone XL can easily withstand temperatures of up to 45°C. However, the Bodybone XL should be kept out of direct sunlight (e.g. do not store on window-sill). The material softens as it gets warmer.
  • The Bodybone XL is also resistant to cold, but should nevertheless not be stored at temperatures below -10°C. The material hardens as it gets colder.

Colour: Silver grey

Care Instructions:

  • Any mild standard cleaning agents and disinfectants can be used to clean the Bodybone XL.
  • Solvent-based, acidic or caustic cleaners will damage the material.

Warranty Information

One (1) year limited

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