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Switch Sticks is a range of award wining stylish walking sticks and canes that keep people moving and looking good! Put the fun into functional!


Product Description

Switch Sticks are a new award winning walking stick and cane range that are taking Australia by storm! With a range of modern contemporary designs, they are adding some colour, life and style to the humble walking cane.

The perfect gift for a loved one, or treat yourself to a little fun and colour !

Design Philosphy:

Switch Sticks designs are exclusively created for Switch Sticks products, working with contemporary and award winning designers and artists. They do not believe that a walking stick needs to be dull but can add to your style and personality. Just as glasses were once limited in choice, but now available from a wide range of labels, they believe that walking sticks can also be beautiful as well as accessible.

The philosophy is to put the ‘fun’ into functional.


Choose from a range of contemporary and colorful designs;

  • Made of high grade aluminum, they have a painted maple wood handle
  • Packaged in a stylish box
  • Includes free carry bag
  • All walking sticks are adjustable and therefore suitable for most adults - they adjust from 80cm-92.5cm - and so suitable for anyone from 5ft 1” to about 5ft 10” (ladies) and men up to about 6ft 3”
  • Walking sticks should be used in the hand opposite to the affected hip/knee/leg, or if simply as a support but with no specific problems, then they are typically used in your dominant hand ie: if you write with your right hand, you will most likely use the stick in your right hand
  • If a user is petite – the sticks can be cut - up to 8cm, Switch Sticks also provides a cutting service. On special request, we supply Petite 62.5-75cm and Tall sticks 97.5-110cm
  • Optional table rest also available - perfect for when you are out and about


The Designers:

Pepa Martin - Australian textile artist, Pepa produces a collection of timeless contemporary designs under the label Shibori. Ranging from hand bound and dyed skills to art based digital prints, her work can be seen at www.shibori.com.au Pepa’s designs include red, blue and green pepa, as well as Poppies, Sea Breeze and Viking with more new designs are in the pipeline.

Caroline Morgan - Caroline is well known for her bold rugs and carpets at elegant hotels and restaurants throughout the world, having studied surface pattern design. She has worked in New York and is now based in teh UK (the artistic vibrant hub in the North of England - Newcastle).
Caroline’s first design is Carnival and Tango will be added to the range in September 2012

Sandi Rigby - After a career as a graphic artist Sandi turned to printmaking and etching, training at the Sydney Gallery School. Sandi’s work is often influenced by a landscape theme. She tries to capture the mood of the subject with colour, texture, pattern and detail, layering plates and working both realistically and conceptually. Sandi’s travels overseas also inspire her work. She was won many awards and has works hanging in galleries throughout Australia. Sandi painted a stick from our Paint Your Own kit to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. People then started asking if we would replicate the design in our collection and so a unique Australian design ‘Walkabout’ was created.

Simon Lovelace - Simon Lovelace is an English born artist who’s prolific output includes painting, photography, screen printing and music production. Influenced by pop art culture and surreal narrative, his work explores themes of mortality, sexuality and the taboo. From his studio in the Surry Hills area of Sydney Australia he runs blank space gallery and the new clothing label superficial moi. Simon exhibits internationally and his works are in private collections around the world.
Simon has created ‘Smilies’ which launched in October 2011 www.simonlovelace.com

Warranty Information

One Year Warranty

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