RH Logic 400 24 Hour Ergonomic Office Chair

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The ultimate ergonomic chair for durability and adjustability. Stylish design for your home, the office and the 24 hour seating market.

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Product Description

The RH Logic 400 has terrific ergonomic features and outstanding durability. With a high back, and optional arms and headrest, it is based on "2PP", RH's unique philosophy of active sitting.

The Logic 400 is easy to adjust and its controls are easily accessed. The angle of the backrest can be adjusted separately, while the chair maintains all of its basic settings even when you use the tilt mechanism.

RH Logic 400 24 hr

A chair that is used all day long naturally needs to be extra comfortable and durable. The RH Logic 400 can be used as a 24 hr chair, and is tested and approved to EU standards EN 1335, compliant with ISO 7173 for 24 hr chairs .

As standard, the RH Logic 400 is equipped with a pump-adjusted lumbar support, chair seat slider, height adjustability, chair rock, back height adjustment, 150kg weight limit....so its ideal for people of varying heights, weights and sizes.

You can choose to have a headrest or arms, and choose from Xtreme black fabric or black leather.


  • The neckrest can be adjusted by height and depth, providing support for the neck and comfort for the rest of the body
  • The backrest has a generous adjustable lumbar support, providing comfort for the entire back. The height of the backrest is easily adjusted while sitting and its tapered design and cushion allow your upper body to move freely
  • The angle of the backrest can be adjusted separately, enhancing individual comfort and support
  • Seat height and depth can be adjusted quickly and simply. The controls can be accessed even when seated and are marked with pictograms to make them easy to understand
  • The lumbar support provides extra support for the lower back and, consequently, for the entire back. The pump adjusts the amount of air in a lumbar cushion, providing extra support.
  • The resistance of the tilt mechanism is simply adjusted according to body weight and height. This allows the chair to follow your movements without the need to exert muscular force to push the chair into new positions. The control is located beneath the seat
  • Armrests are optional but are recommended since they provide relief for the shoulders. Our 8S optional arms can be adjusted by height and width, can also be rotated 360 degrees
  • The seat includes a layer of wool, providing improved ventilation and making it cooler than conventional pads. The waterfall edge reduces pressure on the underside of the thighs, enhancing circulation. Choose between two different seat sizes. The depth of the seat can be adjusted separately. Both the seat and backrest pads are easily exchanged. Should they become worn or stained or you want to change them for any other reason, you don't need to replace the whole chair
  • The tilt mechanism is infinitely adjustable, with a smooth action so it can be locked into any position



  • Overall depth 400 - 460mm
  • Seat depth 475mm
  • Seat width 475mm
  • Overall height 410 - 530mm
  • Seat angle adjustment +7 - 14 degrees
  • Height of lumbar support above the seat 195 - 270mm
  • Backrest height 620mm
  • Backrest height adjustment from seat 650 - 725mm
  • Backrest width 440mm
  • Back angle adjustment 17 degrees
  • Height of armrest above seat 210- 290mm
  • Distance between armrests 375 - 505mm
  • Diameter of base 660mm

Fabric Options:

Choose from Xtreme black fabric or black leather

Larger Seat Option:

A larger seat is available for an additional $150.00 as a custom order with dimensions as follows

  • Seat Depth 515mm
  • Seat Width 485mm

Call us if you want to order this option or if you have any questions 1-800-615-666

Warranty Information

Ten (10) year limited warranty

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RH Chairs Philosophy

Our philosophy of ergonomics.

At RH Chairs we have our own philosophy of ergonomics based on the two important principles of upright posture and active sitting.

These principles improve breathing and circulation and stimulate the muscles. The philosophy is evident in the RH Logic 400 through the unique "two-point principle" or 2PP which ensures that your body receives the variation and support it requires as you move. Because the chairs basic settings do not change, this helps you to do more and perform better.


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