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RH Mereo 220 Office Chair

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The modern contemporary lines of the RH Mereo make it a task chair for everyone. It's ideally crafted to improve individual performance as well as the performance of the whole workplace.

RH Mereo 220 has a curved back design and comes as standard with castors for carpeted floors and base in silver or black lacquered aluminium. 

We have been promoting the Scandinavian RH brand for many years now, but the Mereo office chair is something really exciting to try !

The modern contemporary lines of the RH Mereo make it a task chair for everyone. This makes it a one-person chair as well as a chair for the stylish landscaped office. In RH Mereo the 2PP dynamics bring active sitting to one and to all, and its easy adjustment is all it takes. RH Mereo fuses innovation, functionality, usability and design impact. 


Movement is good. It stimulates the muscles, improves concentration and endurance. Especially during long work hours. Sitting right is essential. In an RH Mereo you never lack movement, on the contrary. Comfortably sitting still in an upright posture it follows your body’s natural movements, even the smallest shifts. Always providing activity, complete support and supportive relief.


RH Mereo is crafted to merge with you. When leaning forwards and backwards, the small vertical movements of the seat prevents pressure on the thighs while stimulating your blood circulation and minimising tensions. You always stay sitting in a natural upright posture with both feet firmly on the floor. A Tvedt cushion gives you a small push between the shoulder blades. This encourages you to sit with an open chest, improving oxygenation of the body. The backrest angle supports the whole back. All it takes is an easy adjustment.

RH Mereo 220 has a large back and comes as standard with castors for carpeted floors and base in grey lacquered aluminium. It can also be enhanced with a range of options such as neckrest, armrests and coat hanger. Base in grey lacquered aluminium (5T) and castors for carpeted floors (Ø 65 mm)


  • FROM 40 KG TO 150 KG - 7 turns is all it takes. You can easily adjust the chair to your body, whatever your size or shape.
  • TILT MECHANISM - RH is advanced ergonomics made easy. Intuitive adjustments fused with 2PP ™ dynamics responding to your slightest movement.
  • Innovation from every angle. 
  • BACK HEIGHT AND LUMBAR SUPPORT - Excellent support for the entire back in upright sitting posture
  • CONTROLS - Intuitive and logical design. Looking at the controls you see what they can do, sitting in the chair you feel what they can do
  • SCULPTED SEAT - RH Mereo is designed to merge with you. Excellent support, also for the pelvis. You sit in the chair, not on it
  • HEADREST - Intuitively fitted headrest for support and relief


2PP refers to two articulation points – pivot points – in your hips and knees. In RH Mereo the two action points of the chair corresponds perfectly with your pivot points. This helps the body to maintain an upright posture and the natural spine's curve. At the same time this facilitates a varied and movable sitting position without affecting basic adjustments such as seating, armrests and back height.

With the chair’s movement points located near the knee and hip joints you can sit comfortably reclined with feet on the floor and good lumbar support, not having to adjust the height of the seat or the backrest. Creating ergonomic dynamics, empowering you with oxygen and energy. Keeping you at your best. All day, every day


Stocked colours:

  • Select Black Select Wool SC60999 Fabric, Black Frame, Arms and Headrest
  • Black Leather ATG56100, Black Frame, Arms and Headrest
  • Capture Brown/Black Wool CPT4401, Black Frame, Arms and Headrest
  • 8T Armrests adjust in height & width (above seat height 200~300mm)
  • Upholstered Neckrest adjustable in angle & height
  • Custom order: Multiple colour options available as a custom order, please call us and we will send you the range of options. 
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