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SnoreBeGone Sleep Positioning System

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SnoreBeGone is a Sleep Positioning System that helps reduce the incidence of snoring. Its great for people with reflux, breathing issues and those of use who experience shoulder and arm pain at night, or numbness when we sleep on our side.

SnoreBeGone® is a Sleep Positioning System that is used to help reduce the incidence of snoring.

Over 30% of Australians snore.[1]

Snoring often causes significant sleep deprivation affecting overall health and well-being. It can impact lives causing daytime drowsiness, reduced concentration, reduced libido, and also affect relationships. Bed partners are also significantly affected.[2]

Sleep deprivation and snoring can increase health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, depression and weight gain.[3]

Snoring is often a symptom of sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder characterized by abnormal pauses in breathing or instances of abnormally low breathing during sleep. Please seek advice from your doctor or health professional as necessary.

How Does It Work ?

SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System positions the body to overcome contributing factors that may cause or increase the likeliness of snoring including:

  • Sleeping on one’s back
  • Weight gain around the throat*
  • Relaxed throat muscles due to ageing

SnoreBeGone® unique design addresses the problems associated with snoring by:

  • Supporting the entire body not just shoulders and neck
  • Elevating the body; the elevation needed to prevent gravitational collapse of airways
  • Ergonomic design to maintain correct posture – ensuring spine and shoulders remain at right angles
  • Design encourages side sleeping and prevents sleeping on back (leaving air passages open to breathe easier)
  • The weight of the body holds the Sleep Positioning System in place, while allowing a left or right lateral position for sleep
  • Recess channel provides space for shoulder and arm to rest stress-free
  • Detachable and adjustable headrest ensures optimal comfort
  • Detachable armrests ensure arms can lay flat and relaxed (for added comfort when extending the arm)


  • For people under 90kg weight
  • For people above 90kg weight

Instructions For Use

  1. Place SnoreBeGone® on a medium to firm mattress where you would normally sleep. (A medium to firm mattress will prevent sagging/buckling and will ensure optimal positioning).
  2. Place your body on the SnoreBeGone® with your head resting on the headrest and your shoulders in the shoulder cavity.
  3. SnoreBeGone® headrest height will be suitable for approximately 80% of people. Should you need to adjust headrest height, please refer to the following directions:
    • Unzip the fabric cover and lift the cover over the headrest section
    • The headrest includes 3 layers of high quality foam. The top section is ‘memory’ foam and must remain as the top layer. The next foam is the ‘spacer’ foam and can be removed if wanting to lower headrest height. The bottom section is ‘heavy-duty’ foam for the base and this must remain in place
    • Should you need to adjust the headrest height, remove the middle ‘spacer’ foam. When removed, re-align the headrest ‘memory’ foam and the base ‘heavy-duty’ foam, pull the cover over the foam and zip up the SnoreBeGone® system.
    • For additional comfort add the supplied arm extension pads if needed.

3 Year Guarantee

SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System offers 3 year Product Guarantee provided Stainproofing Protector is fitted at all times.

Extra cover available to purchase.

Washing and Care Instructions:

  • Do not wash any sections of foam.
  • Main fabric cover can be hand washed or light machine washed. It can also be ironed on low-to-medium heat.
  • The protective cover supplied with SnoreBeGone® prevents perspiration and any accidental spills from staining the main fabric cover and the integrity of the foam. It should be placed on the system at all times. The protective cover is backed by a breathable, waterproof and allergy-free barrier, the ProtectABed® Miracle Membrane® which will help to provide optimal sleep-health.
  • Protective cover is both machine and dryer friendly.

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To optimise effectiveness of the SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning
System, please consider the following:

  • Blocked, obstructed, inflamed conditions of the upper airways passage can contribute to, or exacerbate snoring. It is essential to make sure the upper airways are as clear as possible. Please consult with your doctor.
  • Other contributing factors and conditions that may need your doctor’s advice include:
  1. Sinus conditions - Obesity
  2. Inflamed tonsils - Allergies
  3. Severe colds - Hay fever
  4. Adenoids - Alcohol
  5. Polyps - Smoking
  6. Deviated septum


" I have snored for over 3 years now (my wife hits me all night !) and have used 2-3 pillows to try to wedge my head up. This has given me a horrible sore neck. To compound issues I had shoulder surgery some years ago which makes lying on my side painful...its a dream of a product !!" Jonathan NSW


1. Prevalence of Treatment Choices for Snoring and Sleep Apnea in Australian population. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 2007.
2. Luboshitzky, Rafael; Ariel Aviv, Aya Hefetz, Paula Herer, Zila Shen-Orr, Lena Lavie and Peretz Lavie (March 23, 2002). “Decreased Pituitary-Gonadal Secretion”. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 87 (7): 3394–3398.
3. Lee, SA; TC Amis, K Byth, G Larcos, K Kairaitis, TD Robinson, JR Wheatley (September 2008). “Heavy snoring as a cause of carotid artery atherosclerosis”. Sleep (Associated Professional Sleep Societies) 31 (9): 1207–1213.

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