Swopper Saddle Chair

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A special ergonomic saddle shaped seat that puts you into the perfect pelvic tilt position, and when combined with Swopper 3D movement technology its a great active sitting choice.  NOTE:  Custom order - with 8-10 weeks for delivery.

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Product Description

This is the saddle seat version of the famous Swopper (manufacturer: aeris GmbH).

Sitting on a saddle seat automatically puts you in a position that produces the least stress for muscles, ligaments and joints, which in turn relieves the stress on the lumbar discs and spine because the pelvis is properly positioned and stabilised. The pelvis is central and critical to correct spinal position because of the way it is attached to the spine by muscles and ligaments. Its position controls the curvature of the spine, and this, in turn, is pivotal to how much stress is induced on the spine when someone is seated.

Horse riders have great posture and a strong back - but not just from sitting in the saddle. It is sitting upright in the saddle combined with the movement and keeping balance through the horse's movement that produce the beneficial effects for the back. It is exactly this combination that the swopper with saddle seat provides.

Its great ergonomics for anybody that needs to sit at work, and its also a lot of fun. Movement and pelvic tilt all wrapped up in one product from German market leader Aeris.


Sitting on a moveable surface requires the active use of the legs and torso, and the Swopper Saddle is a fantastic way of combining movement with pelvic tilt.

  • Improves your posture through active sitting, relieving the pressure on painful discs.
  • Keeps the mind alert and focused when sitting
  • Tilting automatically follows individual movements making superfluous any mechanical tilt adjustment
  • Wonderful for developing your core muscles (back and abdomen)
  • Ensures the pelvis is properly positioned and stabilised.
  • Helps nourish the intervertebral discs, keeping the spine uncompressed.
  • Helps promote circulation to your lower extremities, overcoming the muscle tiredness associated with sedentary work.
  • Actively assists lymphatic flow.
  • Anthracite black base ring with gliders, Includes: Metal cliders for textile-covered floors (Carpet etc...) & Felt gliders can be used for hard floors (tiles, stone, parquetry etc...)
  • Three (3) year limited warranty
  • Comes with a MEDIUM spring designed for people of 60-120kg weight. A small spring optimised for 40-70kg is a available as a custom order

Custom Order:

  • The Swopper saddle is available with casters as a custom order. Allow approx 8 weeks before delivery


  • Available with a stylish anthracite black base and glides
  • Black leather with matching black spring coil


  • Height adjustment
  • Spring tension adjustment
  • Lateral (side to side) adjustment

Using your Swopper Saddle:

Start slowly.

We recommend you start with 30 minutes of continuous use, and gradually build up each day by the same amount, depending on your level of fitness. Because you are actively using your muscles, it is important you do not go straight into doing an hour on the first day!


  • Quality control approval # TÜV: M97 114 85 E01
  • The Swopper is fully recyclable (except the gas operated compression spring)
  • Height range loaded 45 – 59cm; unloaded 52– 66cm
  • Base ring diameter:  54cm (21.5")
  • Load capacity MEDIUM Spring: 60 - 120 kg
  • A SMALL spring optimised for 40-70kg is available as a custom order
  • Colour:

  • Recommended max persons's weight: 120kgs
  • Made from aluminium die casting, plastic injection moulding, steel, foamed material.
  • Seat cover: Softex black cotton/synthetic mixed fabric

Warranty Information

Three year limited warranty:

  • Three years on seat structures (spring, seat frame, height adjustment seat frame)
  • One year on seat cushion and seat fabric

Please Note:

This product is non returnable unless deemed faulty or damaged.


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