Swoppster - Sitting Better from the Beginning!

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The Swoppster is a revolutionary dynamic chair designed for children 4 years old and onward through primary school. The constant movement of the Swoppster is perfect for muscular activity and stimuli to the brain, critical factors in a child's development. LIMITED STOCK & ON SALE WHILE STOCK LASTS!

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Regular Price: $560

Special Price $499


Product Description

Children should and want to move a lot. However, a child’s daily life and conventional furniture do not give them enough opportunity. And this is precisely where the “swoppster” – the new active-dynamic 3D children’s seat – comes into effect.

How the Swoppster Evolved

Designed and developed in Germany by husband and wife team Joseph (an engineer) and Dorle (a world famous physio) Gloeckl, the Swoppster was designed to help children move:

  • Blood circulation is improved.
  • Supply of oxygen is increased.
  • Concentration is higher.
  • Muscles are strengthened.
  • Posture is improved.
  • Feeling good comes automatically.

Conventional children's furniture greatly restricts children's natural room to move. This is why Aeris developed the swoppster - the active-dynamic seat for kindergarten and primary school children - with its unique 3D movement. This makes the seat adapt itself to the child and not vice versa!

The swoppster enables a constant change of posture and thus a constant alternation between loading and relieving of the complete musculoskeletal system. This constant rhythmic movement is decisive for muscular activity and stimuli to the brain.

The earlier you start, the healthier you will sit in later years.

Lack of movement in adults and the resulting consequences for back and general state of health are all too well known. Unfortunately, this incorrect sitting behaviour often starts in younger years. Instead of moving about, children sit practically the whole day and very often as if they were "stuck to the chair" in school, doing homework, in front of the PC, playing on the PlayStation® and in front of the television. Over nine hours sitting a day are quickly clocked up. Children should learn at an early age how important it is for them to move and how they can bring more diversity and movement into sitting. They will benefit from this for the rest of their lives.

Features & Benefits:

  • The swoppster enables more movement than any other chair.
  • The swoppster encourages alertness, attentiveness and concentration.
  • The swoppster reduces physical and emotional tension.
  • The swoppster prevents bad posture and strengthens the back.
  • The swoppster is individually adjustable to the size, weight and movements of each child.
  • The swoppster is fun and puts children in a good mood
  • Candy red, Lime green or Sky blue AIR mesh fabric cover
  • Black base
  • Three (3) year limited warranty

Vertical Movement:

The unique 3D motion is provided by the flexibility of movement up and down - "swopping" - in combination with the movements to and fro and from side to side. This supports and encourages constant change of posture and thus gives important stimuli to the children's development in body and mind. On top of that, it is purely and simply fun and puts children in a good mood.

Sideways Movement:

A specially designed joint at the foot of the spring strut makes it possible for the seat to adapt itself to the child's movements. There is no back-breaking sitting for children on the swoppster. The dangerous wobbling and tilting of conventional seats is avoided - movements on the swoppster are controlled, balanced and intentional. Combined with the vertical up and down movement, the flexible sideways movement is responsible for the added extra in movement.

Height Adjustment:

Using the lever under the seat, children can easily adjust the swoppster themselves to the desired height anywhere between 32cm and 47.5cm from the floor.



  • Black base.
  • Cherry red, ocean blue, juicy orange or apple green micro-fibre fabric covers


  • Quality control approval # TÜV: M97 114 85 E01
  • Height range 32cm and 47.5cm from the floor. Seat diameter: 40cm (16")
  • Load capacity: 15 - 50 kg
  • Made from aluminium die casting, plastic injection moulding, steel, foamed material.
  • Seat cover: polysuede fabric
  • Casters are not recommended for use by children

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Standing Up Makes you Clever

In the first eleven years, children have a particularly strong natural urge to move. Running, jumping, climbing - the little ones can hardly sit still for five minutes. And there is a good reason for this: because otherwise the brain would "fall asleep" and movement stimulates it. Each of us knows the situation when listening to a lecture, for example: after about 20 minutes you begin to lose concentration. If you then change your sitting position, cross your legs, fold your arms or stand up briefly, your concentration improves immediately. The effect of movement on the performance of your brain is enormous: an increase of 13.5% of blood to the brain with just 25 watts of physical movement ("swopping" for example). Another plus is the significant increase in well-being and performance.

Did you know ?

  • 10% of 6- to 10-year olds have backache.
  • This rises to 50% for 11- to 17-year olds.
  • 43% of 6- to 10-year olds complain of problems concentrating.
  • 16% of this age group are overweight.
  • 86% of 11- to 14-year olds have difficulties with coordination.


 About the Company

Josef Glockl founded the company Aeris in 1996. In 1997 he presented the world with his three dimensional seat called the Swopper. It hit the market as a revolutionary way of sitting, and by 2006 over 100,000 chairs had been sold!


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