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For more than 15 years the Sacro Wedgy® has been helping thousands get relief from a variety of lower back problems.  Relaxing on a regular basis helps the muscles slowly re-balance using gravity to do most of the work.


Product Description

It is not a quick fix, however, addressing and helping to correct bad posture and "out of balance" muscle structure helps treat the origin of the problem rather than treat the symptom.

The Sacro Wedgy is available in a male or female version.

May help relieve:

  • Acute or chronic lower back pain
  • Sciatic nerve problems
  • Knee or heel pain
  • Leg problems
  • Suspected arthritis in hips
  • A variety of back pain related symptoms

Lying on the Sacro Wedgy:

Lying and relaxing on the SACRO WEDGY is the most important part of helping muscles return to a proper balance. It is also important that the neck is stabilized with a firm support. The SACRO WEDGY is placed under only the sacrum to isolate, cradle and elevate this very important "wedged" shape bone between the hips. Many refer to the sacrum as the "keystone" of the body. This reference comes from a term used in construction to describe the last stone to go in place when building an arch. If the "keystone" is out of place, the arch will collapse.

The concept, when creating the SACRO WEDGY, was based on a widely used osteopathic technique of placing the hand under the sacrum and elevating that bone. The hips were then free to relax on either side of the hand.

Well, the SACRO WEDGY does basically the same thing. The sacrum is held in a neutral position giving hips the freedom to drop, relax and release. Gravity does the work and when combined with a firm neck support creates what some therapists refer to as a "natural" traction. This is when "relaxing" or doing absolutely nothing is so important.

Sacrum Definition:

The triangular-shaped bone lying between the 5th lumbar vertebra and the coccyx (tailbone).

Please Note:

Due to health restrictions, unless faulty or damaged, this item is non returnable if it has been in contact with your skin.

Sacro Wedgy's rise to fame:

A football coach learned about an osteopathic technique of elevating the sacrum with the hand to help with lower back and hip pain. Starting back in the late 1950's he used this regularly with his athletes by getting them on the training table, placing a wooden crate under their neck and holding the sacrum elevated with his hand for about 20 minutes. He had a unique understanding of muscle balance together with his overall 'common sense' approach to trying to help anyone with a problem. One thing he noticed was the movement and quivering of the muscles around the sacrum. He described it as a 'war zone' as the muscles finally started relaxing. For some reason after 20 minutes the movement subsided and the pain would be gone. Then he would let his athlete reach up for a door jam, hang there, then he did a criss cross tape job across the hips and send them out to resume play.

This continued for many years. However, his former players continued to track him down for treatment stating – 'coach, that's the only thing that has ever really helped me'. Well one day one of his former players asked him to help his wife. They had tried everything and he just knew what the coach did for him would help his wife. So here is this humble, modest football coach with this woman he had never met, on the kitchen table with his hand under her behind. Well, when the kids came in wondering what he was doing with mum - that's when he decided there had to be another way to do this, and that's when this inventor of sorts started whittling and carving. After about 10 years of a variety of shapes, sizes and various mouldings he finally developed the right combination of plastics to be firm and yet flexible, and the Sacro Wedgy® became a reality.

In use well over ten years now, it has gone from a mechanical device to a scientific tool helping thousands get relief from a wide variety of muscle imbalance symptoms such as sciatica, low back pain, knee pain, heel pain, poor posture and more. The massage therapists have been instrumental in helping to achieve this because of a variety of techniques common to this industry and teachings. Now there are very distinct moves used by many to help the therapists help their clients as well as themselves. One example is how using the Sacro Wedgy® makes it so much easier, less invasive and much more effective to access the psoas and piriformis muscles. With the sacrum isolated, cradled, elevated and now in a neutral position, the surrounding muscles are free to relax, release and rebalance. To stretch the psoas all you need to do is pulse in the insertion point of the muscle in the front of the thigh. The hip is suspended making access simple. Most therapist develop their own techniques using the Sacro Wedgy® as a tool to make their job easier with gravity doing most of the work.



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"I am glad I found this web site. I have back problems and joints that are giving me an annoying pain. After rolling on the bakballs, these joints click back in and it's all good from there. I can recommend both the bakballs and sacro wedgy. I haven't been to a chiropractor for over 12 months, I take them with me all the time." (Posted on 6/07/2016)
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