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If you have limited strength or mobility, Thera Cane's patented design gives you all the reach and leverage you need. It 's made from unbreakable plastic and its so easy to use. 


Product Description

YES - the original design imported from the USA - DO NOT BE FOOLED BY COPIES !

Thera Cane is a self massager used to apply pressure to sore muscles. The unique design of the Thera Cane lets you apply deep pressure massage to hard to reach areas of your body on your own.


  • Made of sturdy fiberglass, unbreakable 
  • Portable and lighweight
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Colour: Green
  • Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 1 inches (W x H x D)


This amazingly simple yet effective self-massager makes it easy to apply pain-relieving deep compression directly to hard, knotted "trigger points" anywhere they occur - breaking up tension even in the hardest-to-reach muscles between your shoulder blades! If you have limited strength or mobility, Thera Cane's patented design gives you all the reach and leverage you need!


Pressure applied to the muscles by the Thera Cane helps to maximize the flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles. This pressure aids in restoring muscle function by breaking up adhesions in muscle fibers and tendons. The increased circulation helps the muscle to work more efficiently.


The Thera Cane provides temporary relief from muscular tension, stiffness, tenderness and soreness. It's simple to use and it puts relief where it belongs, in your hands. The personal involvement necessary for using the Cane leads to an increased desire to take more responsibility for one's own health. Using the Thera Cane regularly will put you in touch with your body, closer than you've ever been before, not to mention putting you in control of minor muscular aches and pains. You are never alone when you have your Thera Cane with you.


We all have muscles that occasionally get sore. It might go unnoticed until we reach for something, or bend over. Sometimes a twist or turn is all it takes. This might produce a crick in your neck or a hot spot between your shoulder blades. Either way it can hurt and it just won't seem to go away. We've all tried rubbing the muscle to make the pain lessen. However, it's hard to get in deep enough, or do it long enough, maybe you just can't reach the spot on your own. With the Thera Cane you can apply deep pressure massage to the back, neck, shoulders, legs, hips, arms, buttocks, anywhere and everywhere... and we show you how.

  • While applying adequate pressure slowly move the ball back and forth across the trigger point. A gentle wiggle helps to burrow into the muscle.
  • Press directly on the trigger point and hold for five to ten seconds, release and repeat a few times. It is advisable to avoid this technique for the front and side of the neck muscles since this area is very easy to overdue (use your fingers for these areas). This method is more suited for areas of thick muscle mass and only after becoming familiar with your own pressure limits.
  • A systematic approach regardless of the technique used will heighten your awareness and give you the best results.

THE THERA CANE WAS DEVELOPED by a chronic pain patient to help relieve his own discomfort resulting from neck surgery and a herniated disc in his back. By using the Thera Cane along with a daily stretching routine he has obtained long lasting relief.


  • Weight: 0.45kg (1 lb)
  • Dimensions: 61cm (24 in) length x 38cm (15 in) width
  • Diameter: 2.5cm (1 in)

Unique patented Theracane design, four patents awarded.

Warranty Information

Please Note:

Due to health restrictions this item is non returnable, unless faulty or damaged.


POSITION YOUR HANDS AND CANE as shown in illustration #1, with the ball in place on top of your shoulder. Next, push both your hands straight down while at the same time pushing outward with your right hand 1 to 2 inches. Your left arm is held in close to your side and remains motionless. Once sufficient pressure is attained move your left arm back and forth so the applicator ball, along with your skin, slides across the muscle. This pressure should be contained within an area the size of a quarter. The more concentrated the pressure, the more effective the response. Now look at illustration #2. By resting your forearm on the upper handle you are able to relax your left arm muscles and achieve the same pressure. Proper leverage reduces excessive hand and arm movement and makes the Thera Cane easier to use. The technique of using leverage is easy to learn after some practice. Be patient and follow the illustrations and instructions.

KEEP THE BALL IN CONTACT WITH YOUR BODY in order to maintain control of the Thera Cane and prevent it from slipping off the muscle. You will have control when your skin is depressed enough from the pressure to follow the movement of the ball across the muscle.

BEGIN WITH LIGHT PRESSURE and short periods of use as your muscles will require a breaking in period. A few minutes work on one or two troublesome points is sufficient. People enjoy using the Thera Cane so much that they tend to overdo it at first. If you do you may temporarily hurt more than you did to begin with. This added discomfort will go away after a restful sleep and certainly within 12-36 hours. The following day it will be helpful and soothing to work on the same area using a lighter touch. In addition, gentle stretching, an ice pack or perhaps a hot bath will make you feel better. With experience you will be able to use more pressure and enjoy extended periods of use.

Prior to using the Thera Cane, stretch your muscles to help in locating areas of tenderness. When using the Thera Cane try to place a stretch on the muscle you are applying pressure to. This will assist you in defining the specific area of tenderness in the muscle. Also, soaking in a hot bath before using the Cane will allow deeper pressure without the residual soreness.

BY USING THE THERA CANE from the three basic positions (standing, sitting and lying down), for one particular point, you are able to access the muscle from the most angles possible. This thorough approach will increase the likelihood of obtaining the proper angle of penetration to relieve the trigger point.

THE LEVEL OF PRESSURE WILL DEPEND upon the application. For example, back muscles need more pressure than forearm muscles. A level of pressure midway between painful and pleasurable ("hurts so good") is suggested after the breaking in period. Apply pressure gradually increasing it as you work the ball into the muscle. If the tenderness decreases while pressing, press harder or move the ball slightly to relocate the most sensitive part of the trigger point. If a muscle is extra tender, work on the surrounding area before zeroing in on the more sensitive spot.

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Review by:
I spend far too much time in front of a computer which makes for very tight shoulder and upper back muscles, eventually going to an osteopath or very good masseuse. I used to travel from Melbourne to either Seaford for a masseuse (the best) or Geelong for an Osteopath, so many duds around. On trialing and using the Theracane I could target the exact source of the tight muscles by pulling the Theracane into the muscle at different points on my back until I find an extreme pain point, then would work that area and out from it until the muscle releases, this device is the best as can be used anywhere and easily transportable. (Posted on 2/05/2020)
Review by:
had to buy another one for travelling after i tried it for the first time at my sisters. the most brill thing ever (Posted on 27/08/2016)
Review by:
The Thera Cane is a great product and I will continue to promote its use with my patients. (Posted on 15/07/2016)
Review by:
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thera Canes are wonderful! (Posted on 15/07/2016)
Review by:
Your Thera Cane is making a difference between taking meds and dealing with my muscle pain drug-free (Posted on 15/07/2016)
Review by:
I suffer from Fascio-Myelitis and wanted to perform trigger point therapy on myself so I bought the theracane. I use the Theracane daily and have had significant relief after less than two weeks. Its an inexpensive therapy which works when used according to the instructions on the informative DVD. The ordering process was prompt and delivery was hassle-free, a good service which I happily recommend. (Posted on 15/07/2016)
Review by:
"The theracane was recommended to me by my physiotherapist, and was exactly what I needed to reach the knots in my back. Made it easier to self-treat. It was simple to purchase, and came with lots of information." (Posted on 6/07/2016)
Review by:
Therapists working in orthopedics and chronic pain programs often face the dilemma of having a patient who has pain, but for whom all the diagnostic tests are negative. Treating soft tissue dysfunction, especially pain in muscle, is all too familiar to us. The Theracane is one of the best self-management tools I have been able to offer my patients. (Posted on 5/07/2016)
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