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TOGU Dynair COMFORT Ball Wedge Cushion

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The ergonomically shaped Dynair Comfort makes the user sit in an active and dynamic way with a balance effect at the same time. And now even softer. A perfect solution for anyone who has to sit all day long and suffers with back pain. 



This is a new version of our successful air filled Dynair wedge cushion from European market leader TOGU, now featuring an integrated relief zone in the centre, and super softer foam like the HappyBack model. Great when you want to take pressure off and still get movement and pelvic tilt !

The Dynair Premium Seat Cushion COMFORT provides the benefits of the classic wedge cushion and ball cushion in one perfect product, with a bit of extra comfort.


  • 2 sided - Soft flat side for sitting, and soft knobbly side may be used for foot and back massage.
  • Featuring an integrated relief zone in the centre with super soft foam
  • Air pump provided for individual air regulation
  • Ideal for children & teenagers at school, and in the workplace and at home.
  • Anthracite colour


Technical details:

  • Size: ca. 36 x 37 cm
  • Material: foamed
  • Ruton Load capacity: max. 150 kg

Usage and care instructions

Having purchased the Dynair® Comfort Wedge Cushion you have chosen a TOGU® branded product which is “Made in Germany”.

It is made in conformity with the applicable EU regulations for sports equipment and is free of banned phthalates and heavy metals.


Before introducing the air pump needle, make sure you pinch the valve between two fingers and pull up a little since you might otherwise puncture the other side of the product. To avoid damaging the valve, use only the pump supplied with the product.

AIR PUMP - The inflation / deflation needle is recessed into the head of the air pump handle under the small cap.

To deflate somewhat, screw the needle into the air pump and moisten it, then introduce it straight into the valve and press out the excess air.

To inflate somewhat, screw the needle onto the air pump and moisten it, then introduce it straight into the valve and pump the needed air into it. Never pump up the cushion until it is filled tight. Less internal air pressure is more beneficial, since only then can the desired fine vibrations be transmitted to the vertebral disc and spinal column.

Equipment details: The Dynair Comfort Wedge Cushion is UV-resistant and also heat-resistant to a limited degree. The cushion can easily withstand temperatures of up to 45°C. However, the Dynair Wedge Cushion should be kept out of direct sunlight (e.g. do not store in the window). The material softens as it gets warmer. The Dynair Comfort is also resistant to cold, but should nevertheless not be stored at temperatures below - 10°C. The material hardens as it gets colder.

Care: Any mild standard cleaning agents and disinfectants can be used to clean the Dynair Comfort Wedge Cushion. Solvent-based, acidic or caustic cleaners will damage the material. Avoid contact with sharp or pointed objects. The Dynair Comfort Wedge Cushion assumes body temperature within a few minutes. The nobbly side provides for enhanced air circulation while sitting. The Dynair Comfort is waterproof.

Storage: Please always store your Dynair Comfort Wedge Cushion in a horizontal position.

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 More Information:

 Made in Germany, TOGU is a world wide market leader in restorative therapy, sport fitness therapy and exercise products.

Kids road test the new TOGU cushions at the Dame Nellie Melba Kindergarten

'Thanks to the people at Bad Backs ( for donating five TOGU Dynair Cushions, which are helping to keep fidgety kids seated and focussed at mat time, as well as being incorporated into general play.'

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