TOGU Senso Hedgehog GeoBalance-Set of two-18.5cm-Red

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The new Geo Balance Hedgehog is great balance exercise tool, increasing body awareness and coordination - it can even help to promote somaesthesia (aligning the sensory systems associated with the body).

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Product Description

An air filled cushion designed for improving balance and coordination, but with fun in mind !

The Geo Balance Hedgehog helps promote physical co-ordination (eg. circuit training for balance), can be used for limitless exercises for building strength, mobility and for use during physical and occupational therapy.

The variety of geometric shapes and bright colours are perfect for balance trails and to increase body awareness or coordination.

Also great for kids games and play time - fun balancing games and partner activites that the kids will have a ball with!


  • Needle valve so you can inflate the Therapy Hedgehog to the tension of your choice
  • Instruction sheet and Exercise Poster



  • 16 cm diameter Xlarge


  • Red
  • Use mild standard detergents and disinfectants.
  • Dissolvers as well as acidic or corrosive cleansers can harm the material.
  • The Senso Balance set is waterproof
How to inflate:

The air filling of the Senso Balance Set can be regulated by using a standard needle pump (e.g. ball pump) Therefore the Senso Balance Set is equipped with a needle valve. Please perform changes to the air pressure inside the Senso Balance Set (inflation or bleeding) only, when the Senso Balance Set has room temperature and add at the most as much air, as is necessary to make the surface level. Always moisten the needle beforecarefully inserting it into the valve

Warranty Information

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This product is non returnable unless deemed faulty or damaged.

One (1) year limited

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